Access to Information

The GEF Secretariat invites comments and input on a draft policy on access to information.

The GEF Council, at its 51st meeting in October 2016 requested the GEF Secretariat to present an updated policy on stakeholder engagement and access to information for consideration at its 53rd meeting in November 2017. Upon consultation with the multi-stakeholder Working Group on Public Involvement, the Secretariat has decided to present two new policies in response to the Council’s request: a policy on stakeholder engagement, and a policy on access to information.

This draft policy on access to information is intended to:

  • Codify the GEF’s approach to information disclosure and confirm the GEF’s presumption in favor of disclosure;
  • Support the implementation of paragraph 5 of the GEF Instrument, which provides for the “full disclosure of all non-confidential information, and consultation with, and participation as appropriate of, major groups and local communities throughout the project cycle”;
  • Introduce a clear list of exceptions to disclosure;
  • Commit the GEF to respond to requests for information that has not been made publicly available; and
  • Provide clarity on application and accountability in matters related to information disclosure.

The GEF Secretariat invites the public to send their comments and input on the draft policy to

Consultations are open until October 26, 2017.