Monitoring and Evaluation Policy

November 30, 2010

Monitoring and evaluation in the GEF have the following overarching objectives: 1) Promoting accountability for the achievement of GEF objectives through the assessment of results, effectiveness, processes, and performance of the partners involved in GEF activities. GEF results will be monitored and evaluated for their contribution to global environmental benefits; 2) Promoting learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing on results and lessons learned among the GEF and its partners, as a basis for decision making on policies, strategies, program management, and projects, and improving knowledge and performance.

The GEF's work on monitoring and evaluation are critical parts of the GEF's overall approach to results-based management. 

The GEF Monitoring and Evaluation Policy provides norms and standards for the GEF Secretariat and the GEF Independent Evaluation Office. The policy contains minimum requirements for M&E for GEF-funded activities covering project design, application of M&E at the project level, and project evaluation. 

The GEF Council approved the revised M&E Policy in November 2010. For more information and additional documents visit the GEF IEO website.