GEF-8 replenishment - Regional meetings with developing countries

April 8, 2021 to April 29, 2021

At its 59th meeting in December 2020, the GEF Council requested the Trustee of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), in cooperation with the Secretariat, to initiate discussions for the eight replenishment of resources of the GEF Trust Fund (GEF-8) to fund activities during the four- year period from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2026.

The GEF Secretariat will be hosting a series of regional meetings in order to inform countries on the GEF-8 Programming Directions that will be presented at the 1st replenishment meeting (April 22-23, 2021) and to answer any questions related to the replenishment process. Attendance will be by invitation only and GEF Country Officers will be leading the coordination of each event. 

The calendar for the pre-replenishment briefing meetings will be as follows:

  • April 8, 12pm (EST): Latin America
  • April 12, 6am (EST): Asia 
  • April 13, 7am (EST): Europe and Central Asia
  • April 14, 7am (EST): Africa 
  • April 15, 2pm (EST): Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

In addition, the GEF Secretariat will be organizing a series of regional meetings to provide a debrief of the discussions held during the 1st Replenishment meeting. 

The calendar for the post-replenishment debriefing meetings will be as follows:

  • April 26, 7am (EST): Asia
  • April 27, 7am (EST): Europe and Central Asia
  • April 28, 7am (EST): Africa
  • April 29, 10am (EST): Latin America

Please click here to access all Replenishment documents