GEF ECW Brazil

March 14, 2017 to March 17, 2017

The GEF Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECW) for South American Constituencies will take place from 14 to 17 March, 2017 in Brasilia, Brazil.


The GEF will sponsor the participation of 7 persons per country, including two GEF focal points (Political and Operational), four focal points for the following Conventions: UNCBD, UNCCD, UNFCCC, and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, as well as a representative from civil society organizations (CSO). CSO representatives will be selected directly by the GEF Secretariat through a process to be explained in a separate communication, sent directly to CSOs. The GEF financial support includes transportation, hotel accommodation and a modest per diem.

Expected timetable:

  • Tuesday March 14th Morning: Half-day meeting for CSO participants. 
  • Tuesday March 14th Morning: Half-day meeting for GEF OFPs and PFPs. 
  • Tuesday March 14th Afternoon: Half-day SGP meeting for GEF OFPs, PFPs and CSOs
  • Wednesday the 15th and Thursday 16th March: The workshop’s topics include interactive exercises and discussions regarding GEF7 replenishment negotiations, Synergies among Conventions, M&E, cross-cutting capacity development, geospatial mapping, gender and the GEF Public Involvement Policy.
  • Thursday the 16th Afternoon: Half-day training course called “The Art of Knowledge”. This hands on activity will show best practices and key ideas and methods behind successful Knowledge Management and exchange using GEF Project examples.
  • Friday 17th March: GEF Knowledge Morning, using a project site visit as a basis for learning, including highlighting the themes of the previous days.  

The ECW is a unique opportunity to learn about the new features, policies and procedures of the GEF.
To learn more about ECWs, please watch this video accessible on the sidebar.