November 29, 2010 to December 10, 2010


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Calendar of GEF Events

November 29 

6-8 PM
The Westin Resort & Spa, Cancun


UNEP: Technology Needs Assessment

On the initiative of UNFCCC and GEF, UNEP is implementing a new round of TNAs with objectives that go beyond identifying technology needs narrowly. The TNAs will lead to the development
of a national Technology Action Plan (TAP) that prioritises technologies, recommends an enabling framework for the diffusion of these technologies, and facilitates identifi cation of good technology transfer projects and their links to relevant fi nancing sources.

Introduction to the project by GEF and UNEP, and presentations by three countries, Senegal from Africa, Cambodia from Asia, and Costa Rica from Latin America, followed by a summary, Q & A from participants, and release of the adaptation guidebook.

GEF Speaker: Chizuru Aoki


November 30 

3 - 6 PM

Plenary SBI Session
Agenda Items 7, 10 - 17
Please see the UNFCCC Schedules for Detail
GEF Presence: Bob Dixon, Sekou Toure

11:30 AM-12 PM

Press Conference Room 1, Moon Palace, Expo Center

Press Conference: LDCF/SCCF: More Adaptation Resources for the Vulnerable

Countries will share on the ground experiences from integrating climate change risks into various sectors, including agriculture and health through the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF). Donors recently pledged a dramatic increase in resource for the fund which was created under the auspices of the UNFCCC in 2001 and is administered by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

For more information contact Maureen S. Lorenzetti, spokesperson, Email mlorenzetti@thegef.org, Mobile +1 (202) 352 3572

6:30-8 PM

Room Pitaya - Cancun Messe

UNFCCC: Climate Finance Portal

GEF Presence: Bob Dixon
Organizer: UNFCCC
Contact: Mr. Marcelo Jordan mjordan@unfccc.int

6.30-8 PM

Room Sandia - Cancun Messe

LDCs Experience with NAPAs and the LDCF

GEF Presence: Boni Biagini
Organizer: UNFCCC
Contact: Mr. Paul Desanker pdesanker@unfccc.int


7-8.30 PM

Westin Hotel, Boulevard Kukulcan KM. 20

REDD+ Partnership Side Event
GEF Presence: Dirk Gaul
Organizer: Japan, PNG
Contact: Dirk Gaul dgaul@thegef.org 

December 1


Press Conference

En.Ligthen Iniative Press conference

GEF Presence: Zhihong Zhang
Organizer: UNEP

1-3 PM

European Pavilion, Cancun Messe

Working with Nature

GEF Presence: Boni Biagini
Organizer: CBD
Contact: Annie CUNG annie.cung@cbd.int

6.30-8 PM

Hilton Cancun

En.Ligthen Iniative Event

GEF Presence: Zhihong Zhang
Organizer: UNEP
Contact: Gustavo Manez Gustavo.Manez@unep.org

December 2 

11-11:30 AM

Press Conference Room 1, Moon Palace, Expo Centre

Press Conference: Moving forward with Technology Transfer: GEF and the Poznan Strategic Program

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has been financing technology transfer for mitigation and adaptation under COP guidance, with a mandate on technology transfer (COP decision 2/CP.14).

This event will highlight the role played by the GEF in technology transfer in partnership with countries and reflect on the ongoing discussions on this important subject.

Examples of technologies successfully transferred to developing countries with GEF support will be featured. With the launch of GEF-5 (2010-2014), the GEF is supporting technology transfer from demonstration of innovative, low-carbon technologies to diffusion of commercially proven, environmentally sound technologies and practices. The GEF is ready to enhance technology transfer programming under the Convention in a cost effective and participatory manner, with a streamlined Technology Mechanism.

1:20-2:40 PM

Room Águila, Cancun Messe

From Innovation to Market Transformation: the role of the GEF in Technology Transfer

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has been financing technology transfer for mitigation and adaptation under COP guidance, with a mandate on technology transfer (COP decision 2/CP.14).

This side event will highlight the role played by the GEF in facilitating technology transfer from innovation to market transformation to help address climate change challenges, and also feature country-level experiences in technology transfer-related activities supported by the GEF.

The event will also introduce the proposed Long-Term Program on Technology Transfer, which the GEF was requested by the COP to develop to further assist developing countries in technology transfer.

December 3

1:20–2:40 PM


Adaptation fund: Accreditation process and project cycle

The chair and the vice-chair of the Adaptation Fund Board, and the chair of the accreditation panel will make presentations on the accreditation process, as well as on the project cycle.

Organizer: Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat
Contact: Ms. Marcia Levaggi, mlevaggi@thegef.org, +1 202 4736390

3-4 PM
Room Nochebuena - Cancun Messe Hall C

Opportunities for CSO Engagement in the work of the Global Environment Facility

Organizer: GEF NGO Network
Contact: Faizal Parish, faizal.parish@gmail.com

December 4

7:30AM - 7:30PM

Meeting point: Cancunmesse

Visit Climate Change Adaption Projects

The GEF Small Grants Program, UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery and the National Commission of Protected Areas (CONANP) have the pleasure to invite you to visit two projects that incorporate  a local risk management strategy as an approach to climate change adaptation  in the protected areas of Yum Balam and Otoch-ma'ax Yetel Kooh

December 5

2.30-4 PM

Sala Mujeres

GEF/UNEP: Optimizing multiple benefits of sustainable forest management and REDD+

It becomes increasingly obvious that not all forests will (equally) benefit from an expected agreement on REDD+. This Learning Event discusses the challenges in optimizing multiple environmental and social benefits from SFM and REDD+ and tries to answer questions such as: What is the relative emphasis on climate benefits vs. other potential environmental and social benefits?; And which safeguards should be built into REDD+ activities to ensure that other benefits associated with forests are not negatively affected?

GEF Speaker: Gustavo Fonseca

December 6

3-4 PM

Room Maiz – Azteca Bldg.

Interactive CSO Dialogue with GEF CEO,
Ms. Monique Barbut

The event is open to all NGOs, Indigenous Peoples and other civil society representatives attending UNFCCC COP16 meetings.

GEF is one of the main funding mechanisms for implementation of UNFCCC. The GEF 5 replenishment (2010-2014) has just been completed with an increased allocation for climate change. A range of reforms have also been agreed which are intended to enhance country ownership and improve options for civil society participation. However more work needs to be done to implement the reforms and ensure the engagement of CSOs at all stages of the GEF project cycle.

The Recent GEF Council meeting from 15-18 November 2010 adopted further key reforms to enhance civil society engagement as new policies on GEF monitoring and evaluation.
Come to the meeting to hear about:

  • The contribution of GEF to financing UNFCCC implementation
  • Proposed policy directions for GEF support for climate change 2010-2014
  • Level of finance for LDCF and SCCF
  • Key GEF 5 reforms to enhance civil society engagement
  • How to get involved in the planning and implementation of GEF activities at country and regional levels
  • GEF and other finance related issues in the Cancun negotiations
  • Ask the GEF CEO directly on any issues and concerns.

The meeting will be followed by a high level stakeholder partnership event officiated by the President of Mexico from
4-5.45pm at the Moon Palace.

Please allow 30 minutes for transfer from Cancun Messe to Moon Palace and to reach the meeting room. Please check daily program or screens for any adjustment of venue - the meeting will be announced as “closed” and under "Global Environment Facility meeting"

GEF Presence: Monique Barbut and Bob Dixon
Organizer: GEF Secretariat and GEF NGO Network
Contact: Faizal Parish fparish@gec.org.my

December 7

11:30 AM -12PM

Room Sol - Azteca Building, Moon Palace

GEF Press Conference - Low-carbon Cities

GEF Presence: Bob Dixon, Sekou Toure, Alexis Mariani, GEF CEO is expected to attend and deliver introductory speech

Organizer: GEF
Contact: Maureen Lorenzetti mlorenzetti@thegef.org

12-1:30 PM

South Solarium – Moon Palace

Meeting with GEF Focal Points

GEF Presence: Monique Barbut, Bob Dixon, Sejou Toure, Gustavo Fonseca
Organizer: Sekou Toure and Bob Dixon

1-1:25 PM

Azteca - Mariposa Room

Adaptation Fund Signing Ceremony

Organizer: Adaptation Fund
Contact: Marcia Levaggi mlevaggi@thegef.org

6:30-8 PM

Room Mamey - Cancun Messe

Successful Partnering in Technology Transfer 

GEF Presence: Zhihon Zhang
Organizer: WIPO and UNIDO

Contact: Joe Bradley joe.bradley@wipo.int  and Marina Ploutakhina  m.ploutakhina@unido.org