The GEF Celebrates Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014 promotes “green cities” initiative. On this occasion, let’s have a glimpse of the GEF’s sustainable city projects.

A Broad Coalition To Support the Global Environment

"I am very excited about the direction GEF is heading. I see a huge potential for the GEF to play an even greater role in fostering collective action to help solve global environmental problems" - Naoko Ishii, GEF CEO and Chairperson

Record Funding for the Global Environment

Today 30 donor countries pledged US$ 4.43 billion for the GEF to support developing countries’ efforts over the next four years to prevent degradation of the global environment.

Partnerships for Paradise: The Tioman Story

The GEF financed a UNDP project to conserve marine biodiversity in Malaysia

Bangladesh's First GEF National Dialogue

The event took place on March 19-20 with over 90 participants from several government agencies, CSOs, academia as well as GEF Agencies.