System for Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR)

The System for Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR) is the GEF’s resource allocation system for biodiversity, climate change, and land degradation focal areas. 

The allocations are determined based on transparent indicators reflecting country performance, country potential to achieve global environmental benefits and the Social Economic Development Index based on each country’s GDP per capital (see also GEF-6 STAR Country Allocations). 

In the STAR model, as agreed by the Council in May 2014, the following new parameter values have been used: (i) the weight of the GDP per capita index is at -0.08; (ii) the ceilings for all three focal areas are set at 10 percent of the total focal area allocations; and (iii) the aggregate floor for a country is $ 6 million ($3 million for climate change, $2 million for biodiversity, and $1 million for land degradation) for LDCs only. 

Further, as agreed by the Council in May 2014, countries with total STAR allocations of less than US$7 million will have full flexibility to program the allocation across the three focal areas. In GEF-6, 49 countries will benefit from this flexibility rule. Countries above this threshold will have an allowed marginal adjustment of $2 million. 

STAR was developed within the GEF Secretariat in 2010 (GEF-5 STAR Country Allocations) on the basis of the Resource Allocation Framework (RAF), which was the former GEF resource allocation system used in GEF-4.

Over the past years, the GEF Secretariat has developed and disclosed a number of key Council documents and information papers on STAR along with its development. The following is the list of the latest ones:

Background Documents

Progress Report (GEF/C.41/Inf.06) 

Progress Report (GEF/C.39/Inf.08) 

Programming Approach for Utilization of the Resources Set-aside outside STAR (GEF/C.39/Inf.10)

Letter of the CEO to GEF Operational Focal Points on the STAR (July 6, 2010)

Sytem for a Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR): Options and Scenarios (GEF/C.36/06/Rev.1)

System for Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR): a booklet for questions and answers on STAR, October 2010