C.27 Work Program Submitted for Council Approval

Date: November 8, 2005

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval

#GEF IDCountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal AreaPIF/STAP/REVIEWS
12371RegionalUNDPBiodiversity Conservation in Coffee: Transforming Productive Practices in the Coffee Sector by Increasing Market Demand for Certified Sustainable CoffeeBiodiversityDocuments
21028RegionalUNDPMainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into Key Productive Sectors along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway (Tranches 1 and 2)BiodiversityDocuments
32764BrazilWorld BankNational Biodiversity Mainstreaming and Institutional Consolidation ProjectBiodiversityDocuments
42641BrazilWorld BankSustainable Cerrado InitiativeBiodiversityDocuments
52551ColombiaWorld BankColombian National Protected Areas Conservation Trust FundBiodiversityDocuments
62105CroatiaUNDPConservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Dalmatian Coast through Greening Coastal DevelopmentBiodiversityDocuments
72443MexicoWorld BankEnvironmental Services ProjectBiodiversityDocuments
82619RegionalUNEPFinancing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments for Climate Change MitigationClimate ChangeDocuments
92385RegionalUNDPFirst Regional Micro/Mini-Hydropower Capacity Development and Investment in Rural Electricity Access in Sub-Saharan AfricaClimate ChangeDocuments
102107BelarusUNDPRemoving Barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvements in the State Sector in BelarusClimate ChangeDocuments
112257ChinaUNDPDemonstration of Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization in China, Phase 2Climate ChangeDocuments
122019ColombiaWorld BankIntegrated National Adaptation Plan: High Mountain Ecosystems, Colombia's Caribbean Insular Areas and Human Health (INAP)Climate ChangeDocuments
132543KiribatiWorld BankKiribati Adaptation Program - Pilot Implementation Phase (KAP-II)Climate ChangeDocuments
142386MauritaniaUNDPAdrar Solar Initiative and Decentralized Electrification in the Northern Coastline of Mauritania through Hybrid (Wind/Diesel) SystemsClimate ChangeDocuments
152780PeruUNDPSecond National Communication of Peru to the UNFCCCClimate ChangeDocuments
162093RegionalWorld BankSP-SFIF: Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub-Saharan Africa (Tranche 1, Installment 1)International WatersDocuments
172454RegionalWorld BankWorld Bank/GEF Partnership Investment Fund for Pollution Reduction in the Large Marine Ecosystems of East Asia (Tranche 1 of 3 tranches)International WatersDocuments
181431RegionalUNEPFouta Djallon Highlands Integrated Natural Resources Management Project (FDH-INRM) (Tranches 1 and 2)Land DegradationDocuments
192549CameroonWorld BankSustainable Agro-Pastoral and Land Management Promotion under the National Community Development Program Support Program (PNDP)Land DegradationDocuments
202437CubaUNDPCPP Cuba: Supporting Implementation of the Cuban National Programme to Combat Desertification and Drought (NPCDD)Land DegradationDocuments
212355KenyaWorld BankAgricultural Productivity and Sustainable Land ManagementLand DegradationDocuments
222899GlobalUNDPCountry Support Program for GEF Focal PointsMulti Focal AreaDocuments
232900GlobalWorld BankGEF- Development Marketplace PartnershipMulti Focal AreaDocuments
242592GlobalUNDPSmall Grants Programme (Third Operational Phase), Tranche 2Multi Focal AreaDocuments
252439NamibiaUNDPCPP Namibia: Country Pilot Partnership for Integrated Sustainable Land Management, Phase 1Multi Focal AreaDocuments

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Projects submitted under Programmatic Approaches

#GEF IDCountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal AreaPIF/STAP/REVIEWS
12750ChinaWorld BankWB-GEF POL Ningbo Water and Environment Project - under WB/GEF Partnership Investment Fund for Pollution Reduction in the LME of East AsiaInternational WatersDocuments
23314SenegalWorld BankSP-SFIF: Sustainable Management of Fish Resources - under the Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub-Saharan AfricaInternational WatersDocuments
33578CubaUNDPCPP Cuba: Capacity Building for Planning, Decision Making and Regulatory Systems & Awareness Building/Sustainable Land Management in Severely Degraded EcosystemsLand DegradationDocuments
Total 28 document(s)