Book Launch “Evaluating Environment in International Development”

Juha I. Uitto, director of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office, launched the newest publication on environmental evaluation during the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development in Washington, D.C. Under the title “Evaluating Environment in International Development” 21 experts provide international perspectives on practice and evaluation and open the debate for further discussion in the field.

The 2nd International Climate-Eval Conference: On the road to tackling a 21st century challenge

The 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development was held on November 4-6, 2014 in Washington D.C. Over 300 participants from 59 countries participated in the exciting event that brought together professionals to uncover the real challenges facing environmental evaluators.

Dr. Juha Uitto Takes Office as Newly Appointed Director of the GEF IEO

Washington, DC, September 3, 2014 -  We welcome Dr. Juha Uitto as newly appointed Director of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office. The GEF Council in May unanimously selected Dr. Uitto, Deputy Director of United Nations Development Programme Independent Evaluation Office, to succeed Rob D. van den Berg, who completed his second term as Director in September.

From Small to Big - How to Achieve Greater Impact


The GEF Independent Evaluation Office recently completed a video on broader adoption based on the GEF Theory of Change framework which illustrates how GEF support leads to global environmental benefits. The video provides five common ways larger-scale impact can be achieved.

Webinar on Shaping the 2016-2020 Global Evaluation Agenda

On September 3, EvalPartners in partnership with International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS), the International organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG), UN Women and the GEF IEO hosted a webinar to brainstorm about priorities and key areas of a global evaluation agenda for 2016-2020. Speakers Rob van den Berg (President of IDEAS), Deborah Rugg (UNEG Chair) and Marco Segone (EvalPartners Co-chair) led the discussion. Read more...

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Perfomance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations aim to provide the GEF Council, other GEF partners, and stakeholders with feedback for ongoing improvement of the GEF portfolio as well as the quality of project monitoring and evaluation across the portfolio. The office consolidates performance evaluations undertaken during the year and submits them to the GEF Council into the Annual Performance Report (APR).

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Impact Evaluations

Impact Evaluations seek to determine the long-term effects of GEF support, how these were achieved and what can be done to strengthen them. Such evaluation work is part of the overall exploration of the results achieved by the GEF and has a strong focus on learning lessons from experience. Impact evaluations undertaken yearly are synthesized into the Annual Impact Report (AIR)and are presented to the GEF Council.

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Country Portfolio Evaluations

Country Portfolio Evaluations analyze the totality of GEF support across GEF Agencies, projects, and programs in a given country, with the aim of reviewing the performance and results of GEF-supported activities and assessing how those activities align with country strategies and priorities as well as with GEF's priorities for global environmental benefits. Findings from CPEs are consolidated in the Annual Country Portfolio Evaluation Report (ACPER) that the Office presents to the GEF Council.

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Thematic Evaluations

Thematic Evaluations assess topics of concern to all GEF activities and provide a basis for decision making and lesson learning on a specific theme. These evaluations are organized in the following levels: program, process, focal area and cross-sectoral evaluations. The Office consolidates thematic evaluations undertaken during the year and submits them to the GEF Council in the Annual Thematic Evaluation Report (ATER).

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