GEF 2020 Strategy


Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a pleasure for me to share a draft GEF2020 Strategy for discussion.

As you all know, many global environmental trends are heading in the wrong direction.  While we are winning many small battles, we are not winning the war on global environmental degradation.

The development of this strategy was precipitated by a recognition that business as usual for the GEF will not be sufficient in the future.  The GEF2020 process was launched to create a compass that can help guide the GEF into the next decade in a way that enables us to deliver even more effectively on our mission—by 2020 we want to look back and say that we lived up to our mission. 

Given the urgency of this situation, and the GEF’s mandate as financing mechanism for a number of multilateral environmental conventions, it is imperative that we find ways to further scale up the impact of our interventions.  In order to achieve this, the draft strategy proposes that going forward we increase our focus on the root causes, or drivers, of environmental degradation. 

The issues that the draft is dealing with are complex and challenging.  The document is still in a draft form, and we would be grateful for your help to shape and strengthen it. 

You can send comments to our dedicated email account:  GEF2020@thegef.org.

Council members and observers will also have an opportunity to discuss an updated draft and provide additional feedback at the upcoming Council Meeting in November 2013.

GEF’s strength is the breadth of our partnership, and I am counting on this partnership to help make this strategy robust and eventually implement it.  

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Naoko Ishii

CEO and Chairperson




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