Latest Approved Project(s) for GEF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
5087IndiaFPOrganic Waste Streams for Industrial Renewable Energy Applications in IndiaClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2015-02-25
6959GlobalEAStrengthen national decision making towards ratification of the Minamata Convention and build capacity towards implementation of future provisionsChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2015-02-25
6993GlobalMSPIntegrated Solutions for Energy, Water, Food, and Ecosystem Security under Rapid Global ChangeMulti Focal AreaPending2015-02-25
5347YemenFPSupport to the Integrated Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Socotra ArchipelagoMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-02-23
5348Cook IslandsFPConserving Biodiversity and Enhancing Ecosystem Functions through a “Ridge to Reef” Approach in the Cook IslandMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-02-23
5468GeorgiaMSPGreen Cities : Integrated Sustainable Transport in the City of Batumi and the Achara RegionClimate ChangeCEO Approved2015-02-18
5821RegionalMSPEngaging Policy Makers and the Judiciary to Address Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade in AfricaBiodiversityCEO Approved2015-02-12
5479IndiaFPIntegrated SLEM Approaches for Reducing Land Degradation and DesertificationLand DegradationCEO Endorsed2015-02-11
4918IndiaFPPartial Risk Sharing Facility for Energy EfficiencyClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2015-02-09
8029MauritaniaFPWest Africa Regional Fisheries Program SOP C1International WatersCEO Endorsed2015-02-09
4892IndonesiaFPTransforming Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation in Priority Sumatran Landscapes BiodiversityCEO Endorsed2015-02-04
5390Antigua And BarbudaFPSustainable Pathways - Protected Areas and Renewable EnergyMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-02-04
5555VietnamMSPLocal Development and Promotion of LED Technologies for Advanced General LightingClimate ChangeCEO Approved2015-02-04
5579PalauMSPMainstreaming Global Environmental Priorities into National Policies and ProgrammesMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2015-02-04
5375NigeriaFPScaling up Small Hydro Power (SHP) in NigeriaClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2015-02-02
5287PanamaMSPSolar Water Heater Market Development and Energy Efficiency Project Climate ChangeCEO Approved2015-01-28
5467GeorgiaMSPHarmonization of Information Management for Improved Knowledge and Monitoring of the Global Environment in GeorgiaMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2015-01-28
6980GlobalMSPThe International Lighting Efficiency Facility (iLEF)Climate ChangePIF Approved2015-01-28
5082RegionalFPDemonstration of BAT and BEP in Open Burning Activities in Response to the Stockholm Convention on POPs POPsCEO Endorsed2015-01-27
5586Sri LankaMSPAppropriate Mitigation Actions in the Energy Generation and End-Use Sectors in Sri LankaClimate ChangeCEO Approved2015-01-27
4968ChileFPIntegrated National Monitoring and Assessment System on Forest Ecosystems (SIMEF) in Support of Policies, Regulations and SFM Practices Incorporating REDD+ and Biodiversity Conservation in Forest EcosystemsMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-01-26
8000TunisiaMSPImprove Mercury Management in TunisiaChemicals and WasteCEO Approved2015-01-26
5471ParaguayMSPCapacity Development for Improved decision-making for the Global Environment Multi Focal AreaCEO Approved2015-01-23
5337Sri LankaFPEnhancing Biodiversity Conservation and Sustenance of Ecosystem Services in Environmentally Sensitive AreasBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2015-01-22
5338ArgentinaFPMainstreaming Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Production Practices of Small Producers to Protect the Biodiversity of High Value Conservation Forests in the Atlantic Forest, Yungas and ChacoBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2015-01-22
5609GambiaMSPGreening the Productive Sectors in Gambia: Promoting the Use and Integration of Small to Medium Scale Renewable Energy Systems in the Productive UsesClimate ChangeCEO Approved2015-01-22
4800CameroonFPSustainable Forest Management under the Authority of Cameroonian CouncilsMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-01-15
8016SomaliaEANational Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA) for Global Environmental Management in SomaliaMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2015-01-15
5197St. LuciaMSPIncrease St. Lucia's Capacity to Monitor MEA Implementation and Sustainable DevelopmentMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2015-01-08
4942IndiaFPIndia Ecosystems Service Improvement Project Multi Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2015-01-07
4902MacedoniaFPCatalyzing Market Transformation for Industrial Energy Efficiency and Accelerate Investments in Best Available Practices and Technologies in the Former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2015-01-05
5344Cabo VerdeMSPCape Verde Appliances & Building Energy-Efficiency Project (CABEEP)Climate ChangeCEO Approved2015-01-05
5905RegionalFPFirst South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Shared Growth Project (SWIOFish 1)International WatersCEO Endorsed2014-12-30
5064EgyptFPGrid-connected Small Scale Photovoltaic SystemsClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-12-29
5587MalawiMSPIncreasing Access to Clean and Affordable Decentralized Energy Services in Selected Vulnerable Areas of MalawiClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-12-29