Latest Approved Project(s) for GEF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
5063IraqFPCatalysing the Use of Solar Photovoltaic EnergyClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-11
5166FijiMSPCapacity Building for Mainstreaming MEA Objectives into Inter-ministerial Structures and MechanismsMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-08-11
4108LebanonFPPCB Management ProjectPOPsCEO Endorsed2014-08-06
5297St. Vincent and GrenadinesMSPPromoting Access to Clean Energy Services in Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-08-04
4785CameroonFPPromoting Integrated Biomass and Small Hydro Solutions for Productive Uses in CameroonClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-04
4948GlobalFPTechnology Needs AssessmentClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-04
4949BrazilFPLow-Carbon Urban Mobility for Large Cities Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-04
5237South AfricaFPEnabling South Africa to Prepare Its Third National Communication (3NC) and Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-31
4756BeninFPDisposal of POPs and Obsolete Pesticides and Strengthening Life-cycle Management of PesticidesPOPsCEO Endorsed2014-07-31
4774EcuadorFPConservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, Forests, Soil and Water to Achieve the Good Living (Buen Vivir / Sumac Kasay) in the Napo ProvinceMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-07-18
4882ChinaFPEnabling China to Prepare Its Third National Communication (3NC) and Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-18
4846CubaFPA Landscape Approach to the Conservation of Threatened Mountain EcosystemsBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-14
5098MontenegroFPTowards Carbon Neutral TourismClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-11
5302Bosnia-HerzegovinaMSPCapacity Development for the Integration of Global Environmental Commitments into National Policies and Development Decision MakingMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-10
5281PhilippinesFPLME-EA Philippine Rural Development ProgramMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-07-09
4930GlobalFPEnhancing the Conservation Effectiveness of Seagrass Ecosystems Supporting Globally Significant Populations of Dugong Across the Indian and Pacific Ocean Basins (Short Title: The Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project) BiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-08
5045Solomon IslandsMSPIntegrating Global Environment Commitments in Investment and Development Decision-makingMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-08
5126SurinameMSPMainstreaming Global Environment Commitments for Effective National Environmental Management Multi Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-08
5164SamoaMSPCapacity for Implementing Rio Conventions in SamoaMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-08
5058South AfricaFPMainstreaming Biodiversity into Land Use Regulation and Management at the Municipal ScaleBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-07
5399KazakhstanMSPImprovement of the Decision-making Process through Introduction of Mechanisms of Economic Assessment of Fulfilling National Obligations under Global Environmental AgreementsMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-02
5031Sri LankaMSPEnsuring Global Environmental Concerns and Best Practices Mainstreamed in the Post-conflict Rapid Development Process of Sri Lanka through Improved Information ManagementMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-02
5065SwazilandFPStrengthening the National Protected Areas System of SwazilandBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-02
5078St. Kitts And NevisFPConserving Biodiversity and Reducing Habitat Degradation in Protected Areas and their Buffer ZonesBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
4746RegionalFPImplementation of Global and Regional Oceanic Fisheries Conventions and Related Instruments in the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)International WatersCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
4945CambodiaFPCollaborative Management for Watershed and Ecosystem Service Protection and Rehabilitation in the Cardamom Mountains, Upper Prek Thnot River BasinLand DegradationCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5034TanzaniaFPEnhancing the Forest Nature Reserves Network for Biodiversity Conservation in TanzaniaBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5096ChinaMSPPayment for Watershed Services in the Chishui River Basin for the Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity BiodiversityCEO Approved2014-07-01
5121ChinaFPEnergy Conservation, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Staple Crop ProductionClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5141GlobalFPGlobal Support Programme for Preparation of National Communications and Biennial Update Reports for non Annex I Parties under the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-06-30
4770EcuadorFPIntegrated Management of Marine and Coastal Areas of High Value for Biodiversity in Continental EcuadorBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-06-27
5705TanzaniaMSPMicrobial Larviciding, Human Health, and the Control of Malaria POPsPIF Approved2014-06-24
5899PeruEASupport NAP Alignment and UNCCD Reporting Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-16
5785MexicoMSPSustainable Land Management Promotion Land DegradationPPG Approved2014-06-16
5806CongoMSPCreation of Loungo Bay Marine Protected Area to Support Turtles Conservation in Congo BiodiversityPPG Approved2014-06-16
5897ArgentinaEAAlignment of the National Action Programs of Argentina with the UNCCD Ten-Year Strategy Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-16
5898GlobalMSPSupport to 16 GEF Eligible Parties for Alignment of National Action Programs and Reporting Process under UNCCDLand DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-16