Latest Approved Project(s) for GEF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
4882ChinaFPEnabling China to Prepare Its Third National Communication (3NC) and Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-18
4774EcuadorFPConservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, Forests, Soil and Water to Achieve the Good Living (Buen Vivir / Sumac Kasay) in the Napo ProvinceMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-07-18
4846CubaFPA Landscape Approach to the Conservation of Threatened Mountain EcosystemsBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-14
5098MontenegroFPTowards Carbon Neutral TourismClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-11
5302Bosnia-HerzegovinaMSPCapacity Development for the Integration of Global Environmental Commitments into National Policies and Development Decision MakingMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-10
5281PhilippinesFPLME-EA Philippine Rural Development ProgramMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-07-09
5126SurinameMSPMainstreaming Global Environment Commitments for Effective National Environmental Management Multi Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-08
4930GlobalFPEnhancing the Conservation Effectiveness of Seagrass Ecosystems Supporting Globally Significant Populations of Dugong Across the Indian and Pacific Ocean Basins (Short Title: The Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project) BiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-08
5045Solomon IslandsMSPIntegrating Global Environment Commitments in Investment and Development Decision-makingMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-08
5164SamoaMSPCapacity for Implementing Rio Conventions in SamoaMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-08
5058South AfricaFPMainstreaming Biodiversity into Land Use Regulation and Management at the Municipal ScaleBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-07
5031Sri LankaMSPEnsuring Global Environmental Concerns and Best Practices Mainstreamed in the Post-conflict Rapid Development Process of Sri Lanka through Improved Information ManagementMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-02
5065SwazilandFPStrengthening the National Protected Areas System of SwazilandBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-02
5399KazakhstanMSPImprovement of the Decision-making Process through Introduction of Mechanisms of Economic Assessment of Fulfilling National Obligations under Global Environmental AgreementsMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-07-02
4945CambodiaFPCollaborative Management for Watershed and Ecosystem Service Protection and Rehabilitation in the Cardamom Mountains, Upper Prek Thnot River BasinLand DegradationCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
4746RegionalFPImplementation of Global and Regional Oceanic Fisheries Conventions and Related Instruments in the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)International WatersCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5034TanzaniaFPEnhancing the Forest Nature Reserves Network for Biodiversity Conservation in TanzaniaBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5078St. Kitts And NevisFPConserving Biodiversity and Reducing Habitat Degradation in Protected Areas and their Buffer ZonesBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5096ChinaMSPPayment for Watershed Services in the Chishui River Basin for the Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity BiodiversityCEO Approved2014-07-01
5121ChinaFPEnergy Conservation, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Staple Crop ProductionClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-01
5141GlobalFPGlobal Support Programme for Preparation of National Communications and Biennial Update Reports for non Annex I Parties under the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-06-30
4770EcuadorFPIntegrated Management of Marine and Coastal Areas of High Value for Biodiversity in Continental EcuadorBiodiversityCEO Endorsed2014-06-27
5705TanzaniaMSPMicrobial Larviciding, Human Health, and the Control of Malaria POPsPIF Approved2014-06-24
5785MexicoMSPSustainable Land Management Promotion Land DegradationPPG Approved2014-06-16
5806CongoMSPCreation of Loungo Bay Marine Protected Area to Support Turtles Conservation in Congo BiodiversityPPG Approved2014-06-16
5897ArgentinaEAAlignment of the National Action Programs of Argentina with the UNCCD Ten-Year Strategy Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-16
5898GlobalMSPSupport to 16 GEF Eligible Parties for Alignment of National Action Programs and Reporting Process under UNCCDLand DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-16
5899PeruEASupport NAP Alignment and UNCCD Reporting Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-16
5863RegionalEADevelopment of Minamata Initial Assessment in Three Asian CountriesPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-13
5888BoliviaEANational Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan BiodiversityCEO Approved2014-06-13
5890SeychellesEASupport to Alignment of Seychelles National Action Programme to the UNCCD Ten-Year Strategy and Reporting Process Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-13
5893JamaicaEASupport to the Alignment of Jamaica’s National Action Programme to the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy and Preparation of the Reporting and Review process.Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-13
5757BahamasMSPImplementing Land, Water and Ecosystem ManagementMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2014-06-13
5802SenegalMSPPromoting SLM Practices to Restore and Enhance Carbon Stocks through Adoption of Green Rural Habita InitiativesMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2014-06-13
5832GlobalMSPPromoting Accelerated Transfer and Scaled up Deployment of Mitigation Technologies through the Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN)Climate ChangePIF Approved2014-06-13
5839PeruMSPMitigating Deforestation in Brazil Nut Concessions in Madre de Dios, PeruClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-13
5880GlobalMSPKnowledge for Action: Promoting Innovation Among Environmental Funds BiodiversityPIF Approved2014-06-13
5044ArgentinaFPSustainable Land Use Management in the Drylands of North-west Argentina Land DegradationCEO Endorsed2014-06-12
5097VietnamMSPEnhancing Capacity for Implementing Rio ConventionsMulti Focal AreaCEO Approved2014-06-12
5795ChadMSPPromoting Energy Efficient Cook Stoves in Micro and Small-scale Food Processing Industries Climate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5772RegionalMSPStrengthening the Institutional Capacity of African Network of Basin Organization (ANBO), Contributing to the Improved Transboundary Water Governance in Africa International WatersPPG Approved2014-06-12
5848IndonesiaMSPCapacity Development for Implementing Rio Conventions through Enhancing Incentive Mechanism for Sustainable Watershed/Land ManagementMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2014-06-12
5849EcuadorEASupport to Ecuador for the Development of National Action Programs Aligned to the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy and Reporting Process under UNCCDLand DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-12
5686DominicaMSPLow Carbon Development Path Promoting Energy Efficient Lighting and Solar Photovoltaic Technologies Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-12
5725ThailandMSPGreening Industry through Low Carbon Technology Application for SMEsClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-12
5891Saudi ArabiaEAPreparation of Saudi Arabia’s Initial Biennial Update Report to UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5892TunisiaEATunisia's First Biennial Update ReportClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5894ThailandEAThailand's Domestic Preparation for Post-2020 ContributionsClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5798RegionalMSPAdaptive Management and Monitoring of the Maghreb's Oases SystemsLand DegradationPPG Approved2014-06-12
5803MongoliaEAPreparation of Mongolia's First Biennial Update Report (BUR) to UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5813TurkeyEATurkey's First Biennial Report (FBR)Climate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5816GuatemalaMSPEnvironmentally Sound Management and Disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) - Containing Equipment and DDT Wastes and Upgrade of Technical Expertise in GuatemalaPOPsPPG Approved2014-06-12
5819MaliMSPPromoting Sustainable Electricity Generation in Malian Rural Areas through Hybrid TechnologiesClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-12
5828ColombiaMSPPromotion of Industrial Energy Efficiency in Colombian Industries Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-12
5835GlobalMSPSatellite Monitoring for Forest InventoriesClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-12
5838Costa RicaMSPSustainable Urban Mobility Program for San JoseClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5842ColombiaMSPLow-carbon and Efficient National Freight Logistics InitiativeClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5874Timor LesteEASecond Communication to the UNFCCC Climate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5879RegionalEADevelopment of Minamata Initial Assessment in LAC POPsCEO Approved2014-06-12
5885KiribatiEASupport to Alignment of Kiribati’s National Action Programme to the UNCCD Ten-Year Strategy and Reporting Process Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-12
5886GlobalMSPTransboundary Cooperation for Snow Leopard and Ecosystem ConservationBiodiversityPPG Approved2014-06-12
5887GlobalEANationally Determined Contributions to the 2015 Agreement under the UNFCCCClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-12
5864MoldovaEADevelopment of Minamata Initial Assessment in MoldovaPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-11
5847Trinidad and TobagoMSPCapacity Development for Improved Management of Multilateral Environmental Agreements for Global Environmental BenefitsMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2014-06-11
5771RegionalMSPImproving Mangrove Conservation across the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape (ETPS) through Coordinated Regional and National Strategy Development and ImplementationInternational WatersPPG Approved2014-06-11
5889LebanonEASupport to Alignment of Lebanon’s National Action Programme to the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy and Reporting Process.Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-11
5841ColombiaMSPNAMA Pilot Implementation of Technology Transfer Projects in the Industrial Sector of the Cundinamarca-Bogotá RegionMulti Focal AreaPPG Approved2014-06-11
5883SamoaEASupport to Alignment of Samoa’s National Action Programme (NAP) to the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy and Preparation of the Reporting and Review process.Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-11
5884YemenEASupport to the Alignment of National Action Programme to the UNCCD 10 Years Strategy and Reporting ProcessLand DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-11
4660GlobalFPABNJ: Sustainable Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation of Deep-sea Living Marine Resources and Ecosystems in the Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ)Multi Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-06-10
5866ArmeniaEAMinamata Convention Initial Assessment (MIA) in the Republic of ArmeniaPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-10
5871NigeriaEAMinamata Convention Initial Assessment in the Federal Republic of NigeriaPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-10
4344Timor LesteFPPromoting Sustainable Bio-energy Production from Biomass Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-06-10
5800ThailandMSPGEF UNIDO Cleantech Programme for SMEs Climate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-10
5830MongoliaMSPNationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in the Construction Sector in Mongolia Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-10
5843JamaicaMSPDeployment of Renewable Energy and Improvement of Energy Efficiency in the Public SectorClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-10
5860RegionalEADevelopment of Minamata Convention on Mercury Initial Assessment in AfricaPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-10
5881Costa RicaEAMinamata Initial Assessment for Costa RicaPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-10
5869ComorosEAMinamata Convention Initial Assessment in the ComorosPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-09
5870VietnamEAMinamata Convention Initial Assessment in VietnamPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-09
5859GeorgiaEAStrengthen national decision making towards ratification of the Minamata Convention and build capacity towards implementation of future provisions.POPsCEO Approved2014-06-09
5751MexicoMSPMaintaining and Increasing Carbon Stocks in Agro-silvopastoral Systems in Rural Communities of the Selva El Ocote Biosphere Reserve as a Climate Change Mitigation strategy (Chiapas, Mexico)Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-06-09
5873YemenEAMinamata Convention Initial Assessment (MIA) in the Republic of YemenPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-09
5875MadagascarEADevelopment of Minamata Initial Assessment in MadagascarPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-09
5877BotswanaEASupport to Alignment of Botswana’s National Action Programme to the UNCCD 10-Year Strategy implementation and Reporting review Process Land DegradationCEO Approved2014-06-09
5787TunisiaMSPBizerte Lake Environmental Project Lagoon and Marine de PollutionInternational WatersCEO Approved2014-06-06
5865MexicoEADevelopment of Minamata Initial Assessment in MexicoPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-06
4834BrazilFPRecovery and Protection of Climate and Biodiversity Services in the Southeast Atlantic Forest Corridor of BrazilMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-06-05
5862ChinaEAMinamata Convention Initial Assessment in the People’s Republic of ChinaPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-05
5827GlobalMSPCoordination of the Global Sustainable Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation in the Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction ABNJ ProgramInternational WatersCEO Approved2014-06-05
5833GlobalMSPGlobal Energy Efficiency Facility (GE2F2) - Design of Strategies and Deployment MechanismsClimate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-05
5846GuyanaMSPEnhancing Biodiversity Protection through Strengthened Monitoring, Enforcement and Uptake of Environmental Regulations in Guyana's Gold Mining Sector BiodiversityCEO Approved2014-06-05
5861BrazilEADevelopment of Minamata Convention on Mercury Initial Assessment in BrazilPOPsCEO Approved2014-06-05
5858MauritiusEAStrengthen National Decision Making Towards Ratification of the Minamata Convention and Build Capacity Towards Implementation of Future Provisions.POPsCEO Approved2014-06-04
5831GlobalMSPEstablishing the Foundations of a Global Partnership to Accelerate the Market Transformation for Efficient Appliances and Equipment Climate ChangePIF Approved2014-06-04
5114EcuadorMSPSecuring Energy Efficiency in the Ecuadorian Residential and Public Sectors (SECURE)Climate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-03
5080PeruFPTransforming Management of Protected Area/Landscape Complexes to Strengthen Ecosystem ResilienceMulti Focal AreaCEO Endorsed2014-06-02
5142ChinaFPSustainable and Climate Resilient Land Management in Western PRCLand DegradationCEO Endorsed2014-06-02
5850TogoEATogo's First Biennial Update Report (FBUR)Climate ChangeCEO Approved2014-06-02
5811RegionalMSPClosing the Gaps in Great Green Wall Linking sectors and stakeholders for increased synergy and scaling-upLand DegradationPPG Approved2014-06-02
5283RegionalFPMulti-Country Project to Strengthen Institutional Capacity on LMO Testing in Support of National Decision-makingBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5730GlobalFPMainstreaming Biodiversity Information into the Heart of Government Decision MakingBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5731GlobalFPStrengthening Human Resources, Legal Frameworks and Institutional Capacities to Implement the Nagoya ProtocolBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5742LesothoFPDevelopment of Cornerstone Public Policies and Institutional Capacities to Accelerate Sustainable Energy for All (SE4A) ProgressClimate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5745NigeriaFPSustainable Fuelwood Management in NigeriaMulti Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5748RegionalFPIntegrated Water Resources Management in the Titicaca-Desaguadero-Poopo-Salar de Coipasa (TDPS) SystemInternational WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5749El SalvadorFPConservation, Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, and Maintenance of Ecosystem Services in Protected Wetlands of International ImportanceBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5759IndonesiaFPMainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use into Inland Fisheries Practices in Freshwater Ecosystems of High Conservation ValueBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5760BrazilFPCapacity Building and Institutional Strengthening on the National Framework for Access and Benefit Sharing under the Nagoya ProtocolBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5764IndonesiaFPSustainable Management of Peatland Ecosystems in Indonesia (2014-2018)Multi Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5777NigeriaEAPreparation of Third National Communication (TNC) to the UNFCCC and Capacity Strengthening on Climate ChangeClimate ChangeCouncil Endorsed2014-05-27
5538RegionalFPImplementing the Strategic Action Programme for the South China SeaInternational WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5688GlobalFPUNEP-GEF Project for Sustainable Capacity Building for Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH)BiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5487RegionalFPIntegrated Development for Increased Rural Climate Resilience in the Niger BasinMulti Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5516MozambiqueFPPayment for Ecosystem Services to Support Forest Conservation and Sustainable LivelihoodsMulti Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5717PhilippinesFPPromotion of Low Carbon Urban Transport Systems in the Philippines Climate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5719AngolaFPPromotion of Sustainable Charcoal in Angola through a Value Chain ApproachClimate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5720Sri LankaFPImplementation of the National Biosafety Framework in Accordance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB)BiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5561ChinaFPMainstreaming Integrated Water and Environment Management International WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5563AlgeriaFPAlgeria Energy Efficiency Project Climate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5657TurkeyFPConservation and Sustainable Management of Turkey's Steppe EcosystemsBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5680ColombiaFPConsolidation of the National System of Protected Areas(SINAP) at National and Regional Levels.BiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5704South AfricaFPPromoting Organic Waste-to-Energy and other Low-carbon Technologies in Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMMEs): Accelarating Biogas Market Development Climate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5724GlobalFPParticipatory Assessment of Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management in Grassland and Pastoral Systems Land DegradationCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5727ThailandFPReduction of GHG Emission in Thai Industries through Promoting Investments of the Production and Usage of Solid Bio-fuelClimate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5728ChinaFPAccelerating the Development and Commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles in ChinaClimate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5729GlobalFPGEF International Waters Learning Exchange and Resources Network IW LEARNInternational WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5732TurkeyFPSustainable Energy Financing Mechanism for Solar PV in Forest Villages in TurkeyClimate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5733Trinidad and TobagoFPImproving Energy Efficiency in the Social Housing Sector Climate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5734ArgentinaFPSustainable Business Models for Biogas Production from Organic Municipal Solid WasteClimate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5735GlobalFPEffectively Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into Government Policy and Private Sector Practice Piloting Sustainability Models to Take the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) to ScaleBiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5736GlobalFPGEF SGP Fifth Operational Phase - Implementing the Program Using STAR Resources IIIMulti Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5738MexicoFPStrengthening of National Capacities for the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity BiodiversityCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5752BeninFPPromotion of Sustainable Biomass-based Electricity Generation in BeninMulti Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5753RegionalFPRealizing the Inclusive and Sustainable Development in the BCLME Region through the Improved Ocean Governmence and the Integrated Management of Ocean Use and Marine RerourcesInternational WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5754RegionalFPIDB-GEF Climate-Smart Agriculture Fund for the Americas (PROGRAM)Multi Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5755BoliviaFPSustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Amazonia by Indigenous and Local Communities to Generate Multiple Environmental and Social BenefitsMulti Focal AreaCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5765RegionalFPIntegrated Transboundary Ridges-to-Reef Management of the Mesoamerican ReefInternational WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27
5768RegionalFPEnabling Transboundary Cooperation for Sustainable Management of the Indonesian Seas International WatersCouncil Approved2014-05-27