Latest Approved Project(s) for LDCF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
5056Timor LesteFPStrengthening Community Resilience to Climate-induced Disasters in the Dili to Ainaro Road Development Corridor, Timor LesteClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-11
5615GlobalFPBuilding Capacity for LDCs to Participate Effectively in Intergovernmental Climate Change ProcessesClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-07
5332DjiboutiFPSupporting Rural Community Adaptation to Climate Change in Mountain Regions of DjiboutiClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-08-04
5815RegionalFPBuilding Climate Resilience of Urban Systems through Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in the Asia-Pacific Region.Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-31
4568MadagascarFPAdapting Coastal Zone Management to Climate Change in Madagascar Considering Ecosystem and LivelihoodsClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-31
5014Burkina FasoFPIntegrating Climate Resilience into Agricultural and Pastoral Production for Food Security in Vulnerable Rural Areas Through the Farmers Field School Approach.Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-31
4702NigerFPIntegrating Climate Resilience into Agricultural and Pastoral Production for Food Security in Vulnerable Rural Areas through the Farmers Field School ApproachClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-28
5071GambiaFPStrengthening Climate Services and Early Warning Systems in the Gambia for Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate Change – 2nd Phase of the GOTG/GEF/UNEP LDCF NAPA Early Warning ProjectClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-08
5703SudanFPEnhancing the Resilience of Communities Living in Climate Change Vulnerable Areas of Sudan Using Ecosystem Based Approaches to Adaptation (EbA)Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-07
5782GambiaFPAdapting Agriculture to Climate Change in the GambiaClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-01
5432AngolaFPIntegrating Climate Resilience into Agricultural and Agropastoral Production Systems through Soil Fertility Management in Key Productive and Vulnerable Areas Using the Farmers Field School ApproachClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-01
5671Timor LesteFPBuilding Shoreline Resilience of Timor Leste to Protect Local Communities and their LivelihoodsClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-01
5694ComorosFPBuilding Climate Resilience through Rehabilitated Watersheds, Forests and Adaptive LivelihoodsClimate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-01
5702MyanmarFPFishAdapt: Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity and Resilience of Fisheries and Aquaculture-dependent Livelihoods in Myanmar Climate ChangePPG Approved2014-07-01
4797MalawiFPClimate Proofing Local Development Gains in Rural and Urban Areas of Machinga and Mangochi Districts Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-07-01