Latest Approved Project(s) for LDCF Trust Fund

GEF_IDCountryTypeProject NameFocal AreaApprovalDate
5592SomaliaFPEnhancing Climate Resilience of the Vulnerable Communities and Ecosystems in Somalia Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-11-18
5226Congo DRFPImproving Women and Children's Resilience and Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-11-14
5190MauritaniaFPImproving Climate Resilience of Water Sector Investments with Appropriate Climate Adaptive Activities for Pastoral and Forestry Resources in Southern Mauritania Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-11-13
4990BurundiFPCommunity Disaster Risk Management in BurundiClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-11-12
3840YemenFPIntegrated Coastal Zone Management Climate ChangeCancelled2014-11-06
4822MaliFPStrengthening Resilience to Climate Change through Integrated Agricultural and Pastoral Management in the Sahelian zone in the Framework of the Sustainable Land Management Approach Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-11-06
5318CambodiaFPStrengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Cambodia to Support Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate ChangeClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-10-23
5015MalawiFPImplementing Urgent Adaptation Priorities Through Strengthened Decentralized and National Development Plans.Climate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-10-23
5204UgandaFPBuilding Resilience to Climate Change in the Water and Sanitation SectorClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-10-20
5417SamoaFPEconomy-wide Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and DRM/DRR to Reduce Climate Vulnerability of Communities in SamoaClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-10-15
5710RegionalFPRural Livelihoods's Adaptation to Climate Change in the Horn of Africa -Phase II (RLACC II)Climate ChangeCouncil Approved2014-10-08
5049VanuatuFPAdaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone in VanuatuClimate ChangeCEO Endorsed2014-09-26