Conserving Timor Leste’s Rich Forest Land

Timor Leste has suffered from substantial forest loss with agricultural expansion being a key contributor to deforestation. The GEF supports activities in favor of reforestation and improvements in soil productivity through GEF SGP.

Tackling the “Perfect Storm” in Africa for a Sustainable and Resilient Future

African Environment Ministers convened to discuss African’s Climate Change Challenge and agreed to increase productivity in the use of natural resources in enhancing economic and social benefits for sustainable development.

GEF is joining the world in celebrating World Water Day – “Water for Sustainable Development”

March 22 marks the celebration of World Water Day. UN Water is calling for a “Day for Water and Water for Sustainable Development”

Protecting Landscapes, Restoring Forests

Forests are a crucial part of the environment, on the occasion of the International Day of Forests the GEF looks at its past, present and future actions in forests around the globe.

Landmark Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction Wraps Up

GEF CEO Naoko Ishii emphasizes the role of ecosystems and the need for women’s leadership

Upcoming Meetings

04/14/15 - 04/15/15 , Paraguay
04/21/15 - 04/23/15 , Cabo Verde
05/05/15 - 05/07/15 , Bahamas
05/11/15 - 05/12/15 , Switzerland