Bamboo bicycles, new friends of the environment

Not all bikes are the same, a model is appearing that is not only a clean mode of transport, but is also helping to halt deforestation in Ghana: the bamboo bike.

Protecting our oceans: From a green to a blue economy

In the northern hemisphere, beaches are teeming with summer vacationers. However, despite how blue the ocean looks from the shore, the waters hide a sad reality below: our marine biodiversity is at risk.

Croatia to Better Park Management, Preserve Biodiversity

Over the next four years, the UNDP will be implementing the PARCS project in partnership with Croatia’s Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection to strengthen the management of the country’s 19 most important parks.

Sri Lanka's second GEF National Dialogue

is taking place in Colombo on July 17-18 with over 150 participants

Preventing Extinction and Empowering Communities: The GEF’s Role in Combating Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade

There were more football players in the World Cup than Sumatran and Javan Rhinos in existence, the poaching of elephants and rhinos is a tragic and significant issue, it points to an even more ominous threat.