GEF Council Meetings 39

The LIVE WEBCAST of the 47th GEF Council Meeting will start on Oct.27 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US $ Canada)

YouTube Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04VAVrZS2qM
Flash: http://streaming2.worldbank.org:8080/vvflash/extlive4

Joint Summary
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/C.39 Joint Summary of the Chairs
Working Documents
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/C.39/01 Provisional Agenda
GEF/C.39/02 Annotated Provisional Agenda
GEF/C.39/03 Relations with the Conventions and Other International Institutions
GEF/C.39/04 GEF Business Plan for FY11-14
GEF/C.39/04/Rev.1 GEF Business Plan for FY11-14
GEF/C.39/05 Work Program Submitted for GEF Council Approval
GEF/C.39/06/Rev.1 Results-Based Management and Knowledge Management Work Plan for GEF-5
GEF/C.39/07/Rev.2 Broadening of the GEF Partnership under Paragraph 28 of the GEF Instrument: Key Policy Issues
GEF/C.39/08/Rev.2 Accreditation Procedure for GEF Project Agencies
GEF/C.39/09 Rules and Guidelines for Agency Fees and Project Management Costs
GEF/C.39/10 Enhancing the Work of CSOs in the GEF Partnership
GEF/C.39/10/Rev.1 Enhancing the Engagement of Civil Society Organizations in the Operations of the GEF
GEF/C.39/11 Strengthening Relations with the Conventions in the GEF Network
GEF/C.39/12 SRC Proposal for a GEF CEO and EO Director Salary Review Process
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/C.39/Highlights Highlights of the Council's Discussion (C.39)
Information Documents
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GEF/C.39/Inf.01/Rev.1 Provisional List of Documents
GEF/C.39/Inf.02/Rev.1 GEF Council Members, Alternates and Constituencies
GEF/C.39/Inf.03 GEF Project and Programmatic Approach Cycles
GEF/C.39/Inf.04 Agency Progress on Meeting GEF Minimum Fiduciary Standards
GEF/C.39/Inf.05 Guidelines for Reviewing and Updating the NIP under the Stockholm Convention on POPs
GEF/C.39/Inf.06 Progress Report on the Services Provided by the GEF Secretariat to the Adaptation Fund Fiscal Year 2010 (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010)
GEF/C.39/Inf.07 GEF Programming Report for the Period January 1 - June 30, 2010
GEF/C.39/Inf.08 Progress Report on the Implementation of the Resource Allocation Framework (RAF) / System for a Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR)
GEF/C.39/Inf.09 Strategy for Mercury Programming in the 5th Replenishment Period of the Global Environment Facility
GEF/C.39/Inf.10 Programming Approach for Utilization of the Resources Set-aside Outside the STAR
GEF/C.39/Inf.11 Strategy on Sound Chemicals Management for the 5th Replenishment Period of the Global Environment Facility
GEF/C.39/Inf.13 Report of the Chairperson of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) to the Council
GEF/C.39/Inf.14 The Evidence Base for Community Forest Management as a Mechanism for Supplying Global Environmental Benefits and Improving Local Welfare: A STAP Advisory Document
GEF/C.39/Inf.15 Environmental Certification and the Global Environment Facility: A STAP Advisory Document
GEF/C.39/Inf.16 Manual for Calculating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Benefits for GEF Transportation Projects
GEF/C.39/Inf.17 Advancing Sustainable Low-carbon Transport through the GEF: A STAP Advisory Document
GEF/C.39/Inf.18 Enhancing Resilience to Reduce Climate Risks: Scientific Rationale for the Sustained Delivery of Global Environmental Benefits in GEF Focal Areas
GEF/C.39/Inf.19 Recommendations of the GEF-STAP Cross-Focal Area Workshop: Approaches to Address Carbon Benefit in the Context of Multiple Global Environmental Benefits in Implementing the SFM/REDD+Program in GEF-5
GEF/C.39/Inf.20 IFC-Earth Fund Platform - 2010 Annual Report
GEF/C.39/Inf.21 Trustee Report - Global Environment Facility Trust Fund as of September 30, 2010
GEF/C.39/Inf.22/Rev.1 Summary of GEF Participation in the CBD COP 10 in Nagoya, Japan, and Highlights on Relevant Decisions
M&E Working Documents
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/ME/C.39/1 GEF Evaluation Office: Progress Report from the Director
GEF/ME/C.39/2 Review of the Global Environment Facility Earth Fund
GEF/ME/C.39/3 Management Response to the Review of the Global Environment Facility Earth Fund
GEF/ME/C.39/4 Evaluation of the GEF Strategic Priority for Adaptation
GEF/ME/C.39/5 Management Response to the Evaluation of the Strategic Priority for Adaptation - 2010
GEF/ME/C.39/6/Rev.1 Revision of the GEF Monitoring and Evaluation Policy
M&E Information Documents
Code Title Document Summary Document Version
GEF/ME/C.39/Inf.1 Review of the Global Environment Facility Earth Fund (Full Report)
GEF/ME/C.39/Inf.2 GEF Annual Report on Impact