GEF Land Degradation Strategy


The GEF strategy to combat land degradation, specifically desertification and deforestation, takes into account emerging issues for SLM in rural production landscapes, such as:

  • Management of competing land uses and resulting changes to secure ecosystem services
  • Managing the exploitation of natural resources to balance short-term economic gains with the need for ecological and social sustainability
  • Adaptation to climate change and potential for mitigation through reduced emissions and carbon sequestration.

The overall goal of the Focal Area strategy is to contribute in arresting and reversing current global trends in land degradation, specifically desertification and deforestation.  The strategy embodies the landscape approach and ecosystem management principle to maximize integration with other GEF focal areas on Biodiversity, Climate Change, and International Waters.

The following four objectives form the basis of a results-oriented framework that will guide implementation of the strategy:

  • Maintain or improve a sustainable flow of agro-ecosystem services to sustaining the livelihoods of local communities
  • Generate sustainable flows of forest ecosystem services in arid, semi-arid, and subhumid zones, including sustaining livelihoods of forest-dependent people
  • Reduce pressures on natural resources from competing land uses in the wider landscape
  • Increased capacity to apply adaptive management tools in SLM.