Robert van den Berg

Last Name: van den Berg
Division:Independent Evaluation Office
Tel:+1 (202) 473 6078

Rob studied contemporary history at the University of Groningen in Netherlands. Prior to assuming the Director post of GEF Evaluation Office in 2004, he worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 24 years in various positions within development cooperation and other policy domains. From 1999 until 2004 he was Director of the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In that position he actively promoted international joint evaluations and strengthening of evaluation capacity in partner countries. From 2002 to 2004 he was the chairman of the OECD/DAC Network on Development Evaluation. He chaired the Steering Committee of the joint international evaluation of external support to basic education, which published its final report in 2003.

Rob has also served as the Executive Secretary of Netherlands' National Advisory Council for Development Co-operation, and as the Head of the special program for research of Dutch development cooperation. From 1995 to the end of 1997 he was responsible for development cooperation in the Dutch embassy in Suriname. In Brussels he advised the European Commission on setting up a policy for supporting research in partner countries.

Rob has co-edited three books on development cooperation and has published more than 20 articles on various aspects of policy formulation, evaluation, research and development cooperation, and the historical dimension of development, among other subjects. He has given numerous lectures and presentations and is a member of faculty of the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) since 2000.