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Small Island Developing States and the Global Environment Facility: Building Lasting Partnerships
August, 2014
Since the Global Environment Facility (GEF) was founded 22 years ago, the GEF has been a strong partner and supporter of sustainable development for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The GEF has supported the development of the green economy in the SIDS because nowhere is the inextricable connection between people’s wellbeing and prosperity and the environment more clear than on small islands.
Delivering Global Environmental Benefits for Sustainable Development: Report to the 5th GEF Assembly, México, May 2014
July, 2014
This STAP Report to the Fifth GEF Assembly is intended to demonstrate how the GEF must increasingly: Deliver global environmental benefits within the context of environmentally sustainable development; • Enhance technical and scientific support for collective action to sustain the Earth’s life-support systems through targeted investments; • Enable improved human well-being, health, security, livelihoods and social equity at the same time as environmental benefits; • Support innovation and transformational change to tackle the root causes of inter-connected environmental problems; and • Simultaneously meet multiple environmental and developmental objectives to ensure sustainable futures.
GEB| STAP| sustainability
Combating Land Degradation in Production Landscapes: Learning from GEF Projects Applying Integrated Approaches
June, 2014
Learning from GEF Projects Applying Integrated Approaches
Integrated Approaches| Integrated Ecosystem Management (IEM)| Land Degradation| Sustainable Land Management
Knowledge Series: India - Sustainable Land and Ecosystem Management Country Partnership Program (SLEM-CPP)
May, 2014
An Overview of the main lessons drawn from the GEF mission to India to observe and understand the IEM approach in combating natural resources degradation.
India| Integrated Ecosystem Management (IEM)| Knowledge Series| Learning Missions| Lessons Learned
Roadmap for Gender Equality
May, 2014
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has a long history of investing in local actions geared toward social inclusion to achieve global environmental objectives. Mainstreaming gender1 through GEF programs and projects presents opportunities for enhancing project value as well as advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment. The GEF is committed to furthering its systematic engagement addressing gender mainstreaming during GEF-6, based on the GEF Policy on Gender Mainstreaming2, which was adopted by the GEF Council in May 2011 (refer to Annex 1). The GEF aims to achieve global environmental benefits and sustainable development by addressing issues related to gender equality and women’s empowerment.
Gender| Gender Equality| policy
978-1-939339-94-2 English
The Global Environment Facility in a New Era
May, 2014
New Strategies for New Challenges
Assembly| GEF 6| New Era
Chinese (Simplified)
Partnership in Practice: Engagement with Indigenous Peoples
May, 2014
Indigenous peoples, and their traditional knowledge and sustainable resource management practices, have contributed effectively to safeguarding our global environment. Tragically, and despite their contributions to the global environment and to human culture, indigenous societies are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Indigenous peoples worldwide continue to be vulnerable and suffer from devastating poverty, disease and discrimination.
2014| Indigenous People| Indigenous Peoples
978-1-939339-93-5 English
The GEF and Asia: Two decades of partnership to safeguard the environment
May, 2014
GEF's Work and Projects in Asia and the Pacific
Asia| map
Behind the Numbers 2014
April, 2014
The numbers tell a story: 23 years, $12.5 billion invested directly, $58 billion in cofinancing, and over 3,690 projects in more than 165 countries.
2014| Behind| Behind the Numbers| BTN| Numbers
978-1-939339-61-4 English (2014)
GEF Annual Report 2012
January, 2014
Financial statements and audited opinions for the GEF Annual Report FY 2011
Annual Report
GEF Annual Report 2012
GEF Sec. Fin. Statement FY11
GEF Audited TF Fin. Statement
UNEP Audited Fin. Statement FY2011
UNDP Audited Fin. Statement FY2012
UNDP Audit Report FY2011
IBRD Audited Fin. Statement FY2012
Access and Benefit Sharing
October, 2013
GEF investments in support of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) during GEF-3, GEF-4 and GEF-5
Mercury and the GEF
October, 2013
A review of the GEF activities in reducing mercury contamination.
mercury| Minamata Convention
978-1-939339-51-5 English
FOOD: Two Decades of Experience
August, 2013
Investing in Ecosystem Services and Adaptation for Food Security. This publication offers a succinct overview of the GEF's investments already made in maintaining ecosystem service flows and securing the resiliency for food systems throughout the developing world.
Food Security| Land Degradation| Soil| Sustainable Agriculture| Water
English (version 2013)
Executive Summary - French
Executive Summary - Spanish
Sustainable Forest Management: A History of Support for Forests
August, 2013
The GEF's sustainable forest management (SFM) Factsheet
SFM| Sustainable Forest Management
Managing Soil Organic Carbon for Global Benefits
August, 2013
The publication highlights the relationship between sustainable land management, soil organic carbon, and human developmental benefits as a significant entry point to delivering global benefits.
Closing the Gap
August, 2013
GEF Experiences in global energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
978-1-939339-48-5 English
Energy & Ethics: Justice and the Global Energy Challenge (Ch. 8)
July, 2013
The chapter 8 of this publication discuss about the exemplary model offered by the GEF LDCF on how to implement climate change adaptation projects.
Ch.8 English
Notes and Index
International Waters - Delivering Results
June, 2013
A UNDP/GEF publication about key results of four ‘signature’ programme areas: Large Marine Ecosystems; Lakes, Rivers and Aquifers; Integrated Water Resources and Coastal Area Management; and Global Programmes.
Mercury and the GEF
May, 2013
An overview to the long standing commitment of the GEF to eliminate mercury.
global contaminant| mercury| pollution
978-1-939339-92-8 English (version 2013)
Spanish (version 2012)
French (version 2012)
Issue Paper on Indigenous Peoples
April, 2013
To provide a framework for engagement between the GEF and indigenous peoples, a policy on indegenous peoples became necessary. This issues paper presents the principles on which an indigenous people's policy could rest.
Indigenous Peoples
978-1-939339-58-4 English