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New 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership website News
GEF Council Approves Record US$607 million Work Program News
Programs Must Recognize Links Between Women and Environment News
GEF and low-carbon cities of the future News
GEF is Greening the Cocoa Industry in Ecuador News
Launch of the Global Market Transformation for Efficient Lighting Project News
New Chapter for the GEF as Financial Mechanism of the Minamata Convention on Mercury News
Six countries bid to host the Green Climate Fund News
GEF Setting in Motion the Protection of the Ocean Commons News
38th GEF Council Approves Major Reforms in New Funding Cycle News
Nations Pledge $198 Million for LDCF/SCCF Climate Change Adaptation News
GEF Empowers Local NGOs to Protect Nature Reserves in the Seychelles News
GEF Wins Harvard University Environment Award News
GEF CEO Urges Council to Embrace Transformative Change to Meet Global Environmental Threats News
Global Leaders Pledge Billions of Dollars for Africa’s Sahel News
GEF supports Armenia's geothermal energy development News
Links between nature, combating desertification and climate change to be enhanced News
Mission: Planet De-Tox Premieres News
Germany, Australia pledge more adaptation resources for the poor and vulnerable News
Emergency Infrastructure and Electricity Rehabilitation Project in TOGO News
World Bank, GEF Awarded U.S. Department of Treasury Honor for Helping Protect Amazon News
Big boost for wildlife conservation: 23 new SOS projects News
Technology Transfer Success Stories: GEF and the Poznan Strategic Program News
GEF Grant to Help Boost Energy Efficiency in Three Chinese Provinces News
Lighting-Up the Climate Change Challenge News
World Mayors discuss Climate Change News
Cameroon: GEF Grant to Achieve Sustainable Development for Local Communities in the Ngoyla-Mintom Forest News
GEF council members approve more than half a billion dollars worth of projects – the second largest GEF work program in its history News
GEF and UNCCD Take Bold New Financing Action To Fight Soil Erosion News
Climate Change, Water Shortages, Biodiversity Loss, will have Growing Impacts on Global Business: UN Report News
$7.2 Million to Boost Sustainable Transport in East African Cities News
World Bank and Partners Award $4.8 Million to 26 Innovative Ideas to Save the Planet News
Answering the SOS call from the wild: dolphins, rhinos, tigers and others to benefit from more funding News
First of its kind instrument helps overcome financial barriers for Brazilian businesses to adopt energy efficiency measures News
Alliance goes into battle on biosecurity News
GEF issues Statement of Commitments Stemming From Rio+20 Earth Summit News
GEF Premieres Documentary Film "Mission: Planet De-Tox" at Geneva Chemicals Conference News
New initiative will protect watersheds that supply water to 50 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean News
GEF BBL: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity & Green Economy Initiative News
GEF Council Names Dr. Naoko Ishii New GEF CEO News