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Nations Pledge $198 Million for LDCF/SCCF Climate Change Adaptation News
5th Adaptation Fund Board Meeting GEF Events
Accessing Funds under SCCF Web Page
Achievements Web Page
Achievements Web Page
Adaptation Council Document
Adaptation FR Web Page
Adaptation Fund Board: Fourth Meeting GEF Events
Adaptation in SIDS Web Page
Adaptation Practitioners Day, Warsaw Web Page
Adaptation Practitioners Days Web Page
Adaptation: The GEF Experience Multimedia
Adapting to climate change in Tuvalu News
Amount of Funds Provided Web Page
Amount of Funds Provided Web Page
ARCHIVED - Accessing Funds under LDCF Web Page
Bangladesh wins the Earth Care Award 2012 for LDCF adaptation project News
Cambodia - Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Programme for Climate Change within the Coastal Zone Project Highlights
China - Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change into Water Resources Management and Rural Development Project Highlights
Draft Adaptation to Climate Change Programming Strategy Council Document
ECW: Interview to Rence Sore - Solomon Island Multimedia
EO Paper: Building a Line of Defense against Climate Change EO Document
Familiarization Seminar - Adaptation to Climate Change Document
Financing Adaptation Publication
Financing Adaptation Action Publication
Financing Adaptation Action Publication
GEF Assistance to Address Adaptation Council Document
GEF Strategic Priority for Adaptation EO Document
Governance of the Fund Web Page
Governance of the Fund Web Page
Green Economy and Adaptation in Rural Production Models Supported by the GEF in Latin America Document
Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation into GEF Projects Council Document
India - Adaptation to Climate Change in Drought Stricken Areas in South India Project Highlights
Interview to Rence Sore - Solomon Island Multimedia
July 2013 Newsletter
LDCF - Bhutan - Reducing Climate Change-induced Risks and Vulnerabilities from Glacial Lake Outbursts in the Punakha Wangdi and Chamkhar Valleys Project Highlights
LDCF - Djibouti - Implementing NAPA Priority Interventions to Build Resilience in the most Vulnerable Coastal Zones Project Highlights
LDCF - Ethiopia - Promoting Autonomous Adaptation at the Community Level Project Highlights
LDCF - Haiti - Strengthening Climate Resilience and Reducing Disaster Risk in Agriculture to Improve Food Security in Haiti post-Earthquake Project Highlights
LDCF - Liberia - Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Areas to Climate Change Risks Project Highlights