GEF Agency: African Development Bank
Executing Agency: Environmental Affairs Department (Ministry of Mines, Natural Resources, and Environment); Department of Irrigation (Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development)
LDCF Grant: $3,000,000
Co-financing: $24,505,000


GEF Agency: UNDP
Executing Agency: Department of Geology and Mines (DGM); Ministry of Trade and Industry
LDCF Grant: $3,625,050
Co-financing: $3,486,224



 The Sixth Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board is taking place at the UNCCD premises in Bonn (Langer Eugen, room LEU 1916) from June 15 to 17, 2009.

Among other issues, the Board will discuss the fiduciary standards for implementing entities as part of the operational framework of the Adaptation Fund; the TORs and General Guidelines for Board Committees; the offers to recognize legal capacity and host the Board; and the Adaptation Fund logo.


17 JUNE 2009 | WASHINGTON DC -This year marks the 15th anniversary since the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) was adopted in Paris on 17 June 1994.To date, 193 countries have signed and ratified the Convention, demonstrating a universal commitment to address land degradation as a global challenge affecting 1.2 billion people.

Photo: Prakash, 2009 


Sunday 21st June 2009, Washington DC
09.30– 17.30

World Bank, Eugene R. Black Auditorium (H Building)
600 19th Street, N.W., Washington D.C.

Please use entrance to the auditorium on G Street



June 21-24, 2009  




22 JUNE 2009 | WASHINGTON DC - The GEF Council meeting is held from Monday, June 22 to Wednesday, June 24, 2009. The meetings will take place at the World Bank, Eugene R. Black Auditorium (H Auditorium), 600 19th Street N.W., Washington D.C. (Please use entrance to the auditorium on G Street).


The GEF invites you to attend at the next event of the GEF Brown Bag Lunch Series

Speaker: Chris Williams, UN HABITAT

Moderator: Osamu Mizuno, Sr. Environmental Specialist, GEF Climate Change and Chemicals

Thursday, July 9 
12:00 - 1:30 PM

GEF Secretariat Main Conference Room (6-151)
1776 G Street NW, Washington DC
Food and Drinks will be served


Termites are essential to soil health, but problems arise when they come in contact with agricultural, forest, or urban areas. The annual economic cost of structural damage to buildings from termites in urban areas is about US$15–20 billion worldwide. More than 450 species of termites are found in China’s populated areas, infesting wooden structures and tree plantations, and threatening critical infrastructure, including housing, non-residential buildings, communications facilities, and dams used for watershed management.


The GEF has been working to help countries worldwide locate and safely destroy PCBs while promoting effective management through training, public awareness and institutional development. Some early projects have successfully addressed PCB pollution. In many former Soviet republics, for example, governments have the responsibility to dispose of large volumes of abandoned electrical equipment.