Partner News

Title Date Source
Better than Gold: Linking Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Tourism in Papua New Guinea 03/22/2017 UNDP
900 Islands: Enhancing clean, reliable & climate-resilient water systems in the Solomon Islands 03/22/2017 UNDP
Cristiana Paşca Palmer assumes position as Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity 03/20/2017 CBD
Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink: Adapting to life in climate change-hit Kiribati 03/17/2017 World Bank
GEF to Support Implementation of China’s Energy Efficiency and Environment Programs 03/16/2017 World Bank
The Nubian Vault receives the World Habitat Award 03/15/2017 UN Habitat
Before the famine: Enhancing climate resilience of vulnerable communities & ecosystems in Somalia 03/14/2017 UNDP
AfDB and GEF support climate change adaptation for sustainable water supply in Malawi and Lesotho 03/14/2017 AfDB
UNIDO to help Burkina Faso work towards elimination of mercury use in the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector 03/08/2017 UNIDO
Madagascar's youth speak up for lemurs on #WorldWildlifeDay 03/03/2017 SOS
How to Help Save Wildlife 03/03/2017 World Bank
Morocco embraces efficiency 02/27/2017 UN Environment
UN Declares War on Ocean Plastic 02/23/2017 UN Environment
FAO supporting Bolivia’s bid to access climate funding via UN fund 02/17/2017 FAO
Global fisheries’ sunken billions 02/14/2017 World Bank
UNIDO and partners launch new global Green Chemistry initiative 02/13/2017 UNIDO
How an electricity transmission project developed an innovative reforestation program 02/09/2017 IaDB
World Bank approves $55.25 million grant to help develop geothermal power in Indonesia 02/09/2017 World Bank
Heaven on Earth: Expanding coverage & strengthening management of the protected area network in Mauritius 02/07/2017 UNDP
New project in South Africa to produce renewable energy from organic waste 02/03/2017 UNIDO
EBRD President concludes visit to the United States 01/30/2017 EBRD
Defenders of wildlife: saving forests, species, and livelihoods in Lao PDR 01/27/2017 UNDP
Strengthening the adaptation and resilience of rural communities facing climate change in Madagascar 01/27/2017 UNDP
GEF Reviews Experience in Biodiversity Mainstreaming 01/26/2017 IISD SDG Knowledge Hub
UN Leaders Highlight Climate, Sustainability, Human Rights at WEF 01/24/2017 IISD SDG Knowledge Hub