Partner News

Title Date Source
UN Leaders Highlight Climate, Sustainability, Human Rights at WEF 01/24/2017 IISD SDG Knowledge Hub
Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel Initiative (FR) 01/23/2017 SAWAP
Finding adaptive solutions to new problems 01/18/2017 UNDP
How can we avoid a climate change catastrophe? Al Gore and Davos leaders respond 01/18/2017 WEF
AfDB commits US $40.8 million to reinforce the Lomé–Cotonou Road and protect it against coastal erosion 01/12/2017 AfDB
Restoring an ancient hydraulic system to improve water access & climate-resilience in Sri Lanka 01/10/2017 UNDP
A year of building sustainable communities in 12 stories 01/05/2017 World Bank
New storybook shows why Coral Triangle matters to youth 12/22/2016 IW:LEARN
Reducing demand must be a core component of combatting wildlife crime 12/21/2016 World Bank
UN Biodiversity Conference results in significant commitments for action on biodiversity 12/19/2016 UNCBD
A new shine to gold: Reducing health hazards of artisanal and small-scale gold mining 12/16/2016 UNEP
Communicating climate technology: UNFCCC secretariat launches new website 12/13/2016 UNFCCC
Innovative ways of doing agricultural development sustainably 12/08/2016 IFAD
How can changes in agriculture help protect the global commons? 12/07/2016 IUCN
The first IFAD/GEF Integrated Approach Pilot project starts up in Swaziland 12/05/2016 IFAD
Ministers commit to integrate biodiversity into key economic sectors in order to achieve global biodiversity targets 12/04/2016 CBD
What on Earth is ‘conservation finance’? 12/02/2016 Conservation International
More than 190 Governments prepare to take tough decisions to stop biodiversity 12/01/2016 CBD
In spite of the political whirlwind, climate change is no less real 11/21/2016 Transparency International
Health is happiness: Enhancing early warning systems to respond to climate-sensitive health risks in Bhutan 11/20/2016 UNDP
Non-state actors partner with governments to boost climate action 11/18/2016 UNFCCC
First long-term climate strategies submitted to UN under Paris Agreement 11/17/2016 UNFCCC
African Development Bank to leverage climate finance for urban resilience in Africa 11/15/2016 AfDB
World Bank approves an additional $22.93 million grant to support grid-connected rooftop solar program in India 11/15/2016 World Bank
Women lead the fight against climate change 11/14/2016 WRI