Partner News

Title Date Source
Landmark Climate Change Agreement to Enter into Force 10/07/2016 UNFCCC
BirdLife launches Regional Implementation Team for the Guinean Forests of West Africa Biodiversity Hotspot 09/30/2016 BirdLife International
New storybook shows why Coral Triangle matters to youth 09/30/2016 ADB
How the World Bank helped Giant Pandas recover 09/29/2016 World Bank
Kiribati’s Over-Reliance on Fuel to End With World Bank Project 09/23/2016 World Bank
Fighting the Impacts of Glacier Retreat in the Tropical Andes 09/21/2016 World Bank
Forests. Fires. Floods. An ecosystem-based approach to flooding in Bosnia’ and Herzegovina's Vrbas River Basin 09/19/2016 CCA UNDP
Fund to Protect World's Most Diverse Marine Habitat Will Be Largest Dedicated Marine Conservation Fund in the World 09/16/2016 Conservation International
Restoration leaders focus on Bonn Challenge successes at IUCN World Conservation Congress 09/15/2016 IUCN
Socotra's Information Center: Biodiversity Conservation and Sharing Benefits 09/09/2016 UNDP
New coalition launches to scale private conservation investment at IUCN World Conservation Congress 09/03/2016 IUCN
Scaling-up green innovations improves local livelihoods 09/02/2016 UNDP
Chile and Peru sign landmark agreement to sustain world’s largest single species fishery 08/30/2016 UNDP
Tuvalu uses ridge-to-reef approach to sustain livelihoods 08/29/2016 UNDP
Sustainable land management practices in Serejeka curbs soil erosion, increases land productivity 08/26/2016 UNDP
The Green Kitchen Movement 08/22/2016 UNDP
Sustainable land use for a changing planet – follow the conversation at IUCN Congress 08/18/2016 IUCN
Senegal Takes Steps to Establish a Sustainable and Better-Governed Fisheries Sector 08/18/2016 World Bank
New Partnership: Towards Sound Chemical Management in India 08/11/2016 UNDP
Rhino records reveal successes and setbacks 08/10/2016 SOS
IUCN launches call for proposals for the preparation of the ‘Sustainable Management of Peatland Ecosystems in Mekong Countries’ project 08/08/2016 IUCN
IUCN and the Global Environment Facility – celebrating a 25-year partnership 08/05/2016 IUCN
Engaging Communities in Wildlife Conservation 08/04/2016 World Bank
Project Helps Farmers Adapt to Climate Change in China 08/03/2016 World Bank
New UN-backed survey reveals ‘alarming’ damage to high seas and marine ecosystems 08/02/2016 UN