Partner News

Title Date Source
Can transit-oriented development change travel behavior in cities? 05/27/2016 World Bank
Backed by Stars, Unprecedented UN Campaign Seeks to Mobilize Millions to End Illegal Trade in Wildlife 05/25/2016 UNEP
Second Global Youth video competition on climate change launched today! 05/23/2016 GEF SGP
A boy, a pangolin, and a story of survival 05/20/2016 SOS
Enter the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change 05/20/2016 UNFCCC
Global Platform for Sustainable Cities 05/18/2016 World Bank
Con prometedores resultados avanzan investigaciones en biodiversidad 05/18/2016 UNDP
UNDP and GEF support Seychelles’ first-ever publication on controlling invasive species 05/13/2016 UNDP
China to Integrate Water and Environment Management with GEF support 05/12/2016 World Bank
Jordan Irrigation Technology Pilot Project to Face Climate Change 05/11/2016 IFAD
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia Cooperate to Strengthen Resilience to Climate Change 05/10/2016 World Bank
Saharan Addax antelope faces imminent extinction 05/07/2016 SOS
New hope for the last home for tigers, orangutans, rhinos and elephants 05/05/2016 Alert
UNEP Annual Report 2015: Ecosystem Management 05/04/2016 UNEP
Scaling Solar: A One-Stop Shop For Fast, Affordable Solar Power 05/03/2016 IFC
Helen Clark: Keynote Speech at the ‘Giant’s Summit’ 04/29/2016 UNDP
Strengthening the Resilience of the Thongrong Community 04/29/2016 UNDP
Senegal: Let the Sun Shine 04/28/2016 IFAD
We have the international momentum: now it is time to act on wildlife crime before it is too late 04/27/2016 by Helen Clark
Meet the fishers helping save threatened dolphins 04/26/2016 SOS
China: Restoring Lake Aibi 04/13/2016 World Bank
Sugar sweetens the deal for renewable energy 04/08/2016 UNEP
Oyster mushroom cultivation spurs income for Laos farmers 04/08/2016 FAO
World Bank Group Steps Up Forest Action in Support of Development and Climate Goals 04/07/2016 World Bank
Stirred, not shaken: blended finance for climate action 04/01/2016 World Bank