Partner News

Title Date Source
Senegal: Let the Sun Shine 04/28/2016 IFAD
We have the international momentum: now it is time to act on wildlife crime before it is too late 04/27/2016 by Helen Clark
Meet the fishers helping save threatened dolphins 04/26/2016 SOS
China: Restoring Lake Aibi 04/13/2016 World Bank
Sugar sweetens the deal for renewable energy 04/08/2016 UNEP
Oyster mushroom cultivation spurs income for Laos farmers 04/08/2016 FAO
World Bank Group Steps Up Forest Action in Support of Development and Climate Goals 04/07/2016 World Bank
Stirred, not shaken: blended finance for climate action 04/01/2016 World Bank
For a Long-Term Vision, City Leaders and Urban Planners Look to Singapore 03/31/2016 World Bank
A new platform to put cities at the core of sustainable development 03/25/2016 World Bank
World Bank to Support China’s War on Air Pollution 03/24/2016 World Bank
World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Plant Opened in Morocco 03/24/2016 World Bank
Transforming Jordan’s Badia Deserts into “Ecosystems of Opportunity” 03/24/2016 World Bank
India brings sun into the kitchen 03/24/2016 UNDP
New opportunities are sprouting in Lao PDR 03/23/2016 UNDP
SGP Celebrates World Water Day 2016 by Helping Conserve the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site 03/23/2016 GEF SGP
Women in The Face of Climate Change: The Driving Force for Any Solution 03/21/2016 UNDP
Global transport leaders sign historic declaration at Buckingham Palace in fight to shut down Illegal wildlife trafficking routes 03/18/2016 UNDP
IUCN’s work helping developing countries fight climate change boosted by Green Climate Fund accreditation 03/18/2016 IUCN
China, India back $150m GEF initiative to green cities 03/18/2016 Climate Home
Why Forests are Key to Climate, Water, Health, and Livelihoods 03/18/2016 World Bank
Helen Clark: Speech on Access to Climate Finance: Ensuring Ownership and Facilitating Access for Exposed Countries 03/17/2016 UNDP
Addressing Climate Change | In Focus: International Youth Photography Competition 03/16/2016 UNFCCC
Challenges and ways of development of the small hydropower in the Kyrgyz Republic 03/15/2016 UNDP
Singapore: The Pelé of urban design 03/09/2016 World Bank