Partner News

Title Date Source
Why Forests are Key to Climate, Water, Health, and Livelihoods 03/18/2016 World Bank
Helen Clark: Speech on Access to Climate Finance: Ensuring Ownership and Facilitating Access for Exposed Countries 03/17/2016 UNDP
Addressing Climate Change | In Focus: International Youth Photography Competition 03/16/2016 UNFCCC
Challenges and ways of development of the small hydropower in the Kyrgyz Republic 03/15/2016 UNDP
Singapore: The Pelé of urban design 03/09/2016 World Bank
How Uruguay Became a Wind Power Powerhouse 03/08/2016 WRI
Improving the resilience of beach fales to climate change: a UNDP GEF initiative implemented by the Samoa Tourism Authority 03/07/2016 UNDP
The future of wildlife is in our hands 03/03/2016 World Bank
Global Wildlife Program 03/03/2016 World Bank
World Bank and GEF to Support Tiger Conservation in Northeast China 03/01/2016 World Bank
Important progress on cycad conservation in Mpanga Falls, Uganda 02/29/2016 SOS
Commercial buildings in Thailand working towards meeting energy efficiency goals 02/25/2016 UNDP
Desertification - A Short Film by Yann-Arthus Bertrand 02/24/2016 UNCCD
International Waters - Delivering Results 02/22/2016 UNDP
Changing Lives: A Greener Glass of Beer in the Kyrgyz Republic 02/19/2016 EBRD
Small Hydro Power Development: Global Challenges, National Problems and Solutions 02/18/2016 UNDP
EBRD, EU and GEF promote climate change mitigation in Ukraine 02/17/2016 EBRD
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report & Mitigation Analysis for the Energy Sector in Lebanon 02/16/2016 UNDP
Guide to Improving the Budget and Funding of National Protected Area Systems 02/12/2016 UNDP
Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity for Mountain Food Security 02/12/2016 Local Crop Project (GEF-UNEP)
World Bank Expands Project to Support Climate Resilient Practices in Tajikistan 02/12/2016 World Bank
Sustainable cities, two related challenges: high quality mobility on foot and efficient urban logistics 02/09/2016 World Bank
Guided eco-tours in Hainan: Giving hope to an unprotected wetland 02/08/2016 IUCN
Supporting countries to set Land Degradation Neutrality targets 02/05/2016 The Global Mechanism
Valuing Biodiversity as a Key Driver of Sustainable Development 02/04/2016 World Bank