Projects Circulated for Council Review

ID Title Countries Focal Areas Implementing Agencies Type GEF Project Grant Co-financing Total Latest Timeline Status
9941 Structuring and Launching CRAFT: the First Private Sector Climate Resilience & Adaptation Fund for Developing Countries Global Climate Change Conservation International Medium-size Project 1,045,000 1,418,000 Project Approved
9884 Integrated SC Toolkit to Improve the Transmission of Information under Articles 07 and 15 Cambodia, Honduras, Kenya, Madagascar, Moldova, Papua New Guinea, St. Lucia, Ukraine Chemicals and Waste United Nations Environment Programme Medium-size Project 2,000,000 7,232,340 Project Approved
9950 Growing Green Business in Montenegro Montenegro Climate Change United Nations Development Programme Medium-size Project 771,690 4,643,490 Project Approved
9889 Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation through Low-Impact Ecotourism in SINAP II (ECOTUR-AP II) Panama Biodiversity Inter-American Development Bank Medium-size Project 753,427 6,000,000 Project Approved
9858 Supply Change: Promoting Reduction of Deforestation Impacts of Commodity Supply Chains Global Biodiversity United Nations Environment Programme Medium-size Project 1,000,000 2,000,000 Project Approved
9640 Low-carbon Development for Productivity and Climate Change Mitigation through the Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (TEST) Methodology Cambodia Climate Change United Nations Industrial Development Organization Medium-size Project 1,780,822 10,000,000 Concept Approved
9203 National Program for the Environmental Sound Management and Live Cycle Management of Chemical Substances Ecuador Chemicals and Waste United Nations Development Programme Full-size Project 8,490,000 40,571,428 Project Approved
9214 Environmentally Sound Management and Destruction of PCBs in Mexico: Second Phase Mexico Chemicals and Waste United Nations Development Programme Full-size Project 4,800,000 20,815,000 Project Approved
9355 Outer Island Renewable Energy Project Tonga Climate Change Asian Development Bank Full-size Project 2,639,269 25,070,731 Project Approved
9407 Healthy Ecosystems for Rangeland Development (HERD): Sustainable Rangeland Management Strategies and Practices Jordan, Egypt Land Degradation United Nations Environment Programme Full-size Project 3,515,982 12,227,000 Project Approved