Main Issue

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment provided a conceptual framework that facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the values of biodiversity to society beyond its existence value. Numerous organizations and projects have used this conceptual framework to estimate the value of biodiversity to society through the goods and services it provides, including the Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) partnership, The Natural Capital Project, and the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN), and numerous GEF-funded projects. Read more+

What We Do

The GEF created a programming opportunity to address this challenge. GEF investments will complement the work undertaken in our biodiversity mainstreaming projects and will pilot national-level interventions that link biodiversity valuation and economic analysis with development policy and finance planning. Read more+

Results | FY 2014

This is a new programming area for the GEF starting in 2014 and the first projects are only now being presented for financial support.  

The Mexico Environmental Services Project, strengthened and expanded two national payment for environmental services (PES) programs in Mexico — the PSAH (Payments for Hydrological Environmental Services Program) and the CABSA (Program to Develop Environmental Services Markets for Carbon Capture and Biodiversity and to Establish and Improve Agroforestry Systems). The project supported species and habitat conservation on 644,600 ha of land under the national PES program and another 2.5 million ha of land has been brought under PES contracts. Finally, an endowment fund was established in CONAFOR with $21.5 million, which will ensure sustainability and continued payments for the provision of biodiversity services.