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C.58 Work Program Submitted for Council Approval

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals Submitted for Council Approval

GEF ID Project Title Documents Country GEF Agency Focal Areas
10576 Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration (FOLUR) Impact Program - Addendum II


Global, Guinea, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, Kenya WB, FAO Multi Focal Area
10561 GEF-7 Global Wildlife Program - Addendum Global, Bhutan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa WB, UNDP, IUCN, UNEP, WWF-US Biodiversity
10544 Global Programme to Support Countries with the Shift to Electric Mobility - Addendum Global, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Albania, Grenada, Indonesia, Jordan, Philippines, South Africa, Tunisia UNEP, ADB, EBRD, UNDP, UNIDO, DBSA Climate Change
10548 Common Oceans - Sustainable utilization and conservation of  biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction Global FAO, UNEP, UNDP International Waters
10569 Global Opportunities for Long-term Development of artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) Sector Plus - GEF GOLD + Global, Bolivia, Congo, Ghana, Honduras, Madagascar, Nigeria, Suriname, Uganda CI, UNIDO, UNEP, UNDP Chemicals and Waste
10330 Wildlife Conservation Bond South Africa WB Biodiversity
10501 IFC-GEF Greener Shipping Investment Platform Global WB Climate Change
10497 AGRI3 - A Forest Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture Fund for Developing Countries Global CI Multi Focal Area
10500 Livelihoods Carbon Fund 3 (LCF3) Global CI Multi Focal Area
10344 Improved Financial Sustainability and Strengthened Resilience of Protected Areas Through Development of Sustainable Recreation and Partnership With Private Sector Bosnia-Herzegovina UNDP Biodiversity
10390 Integrated Forest Landscape Management for Strengthening the Northeastern and Eastern Forest Corridors Thailand FAO Biodiversity
10511 Crop Diversity Conservation for Sustainable Use in Indonesia Indonesia FAO Biodiversity
10410 Enhancing integrated sustainable management to safeguard Samoa's natural resources Samoa UNDP Biodiversity
10540 From bait to plate: strengthening sustainable fisheries to safeguard marine biodiversity and food security Mexico FAO Biodiversity
10515 Enabling sustainable production landscapes in Eastern Highlands and Western Highlands Provinces for Biodiversity, Human Livelihoods and Well-being Papua New Guinea FAO, UNDP Biodiversity
10524 Capacity strengthening for management of invasive alien species in South Africa to enhance sustainable biodiversity conservation and livelihoods improvement South Africa UNEP Biodiversity
10551 The deployment of EarthRanger, a data visualization and analysis software to strengthen Protected Area Management Effectiveness in Africa's National Parks Regional, Botswana, Congo, Mozambique CI Biodiversity
10529 Strengthening Community-managed Protected Areas for Conserving Biodiversity and Improving Local Livelihoods in Pakistan Pakistan UNDP Biodiversity
10549 SVG: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Strengthening Project St. Vincent and Grenadines WB Biodiversity
10535 Prioritising Biodiversity Conservation and Nature-based Solutions as Pillars of Seychelles’ Blue Economy Seychelles UNDP Biodiversity
10536 Protecting priority coastal and marine ecosystems to conserve globally significant Endangered, Threatened, and Protected marine wildlife in southern Mindanao, Philippines Philippines UNDP Biodiversity
10542 Conservation of Atoll Ecosystems through an effectively managed national protected area Estate (CATENATE) Maldives IUCN Biodiversity
10578 Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in the tourism sector of the protected areas and strategic ecosystems of San Andres, Old Providence and Santa Catalina islands Colombia WWF-US Biodiversity
10370 Accelerating adoption of super-efficient technologies for sustainable thermal comfort in buildings in India India UNDP Climate Change
10444 Development of an integrated system to promote the natural capital in the drylands of Mauritania Mauritania IUCN Land Degradation
10517 Integrated Agro-ecosystem Approach for enhancing Livelihoods and Climate Resilience in Tuvalu Tuvalu FAO Land Degradation
10572 Integrated Landscape Management Gambia (INLAMAG) Project Gambia IFAD Land Degradation
10528 Achieving land degradation neutrality targets through restoration and sustainable management of degraded land in Northern Jordan Jordan FAO Land Degradation
10533 Degraded Natural Forest Use Land Restoration and Management in Typical Water and Solid Erosion of China China UNDP Land Degradation
10545 Managing Peatlands in Mongolia and Enhancing the Resilience of Pastoral Ecosystems and Livelihoods of Nomadic Herders Global, Mongolia UNEP Land Degradation
10543 Promotion of circular economy in the textile and garment sector through the sustainable management of chemicals and waste in Lesotho, Madagascar and South Africa Regional, Lesotho, Madagascar, South Africa UNIDO Chemicals and Waste
10353 The Global Greenchem Innovation and Network Programme Global, Indonesia, Jordan, Peru, Serbia, Uganda, Ukraine UNIDO Chemicals and Waste
10523 Reducing uses and releases of chemicals of concern, including POPs, in the textiles sector Regional, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Asia/Pacific UNEP Chemicals and Waste
10519 Reduce the impact and release of mercury and POPs in Vietnam through lifecycle approach and Ecolabel Viet Nam UNDP Chemicals and Waste
10526 Eliminate mercury use and adequately manage mercury and mercury wastes in the chlor alkali sector in Mexico Mexico UNEP Chemicals and Waste
10564 Environmentally Sustainable Development of the Iron and Steel Industry China WB Chemicals and Waste
10558 Fisheries and Ecosystem Based Management for the Black Sea - (FishEBM BS) Regional, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine FAO International Waters
10550 Binational and integrated water resources management in the Merín Lagoon Basin and Coastal Lagoons Regional, Brazil, Uruguay FAO International Waters
10553 Sava and Drina Rivers Corridors Integrated Development Program Regional, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro WB International Waters
10520 Enhancing sustainability of the Transboundary Cambodia - Mekong River Delta Aquifer Regional, Cambodia, Viet Nam FAO International Waters
10563 Blueing the Black Sea (BBSEA)  Regional, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine WB International Waters
10566 Lake Kivu and Rusizi River Basin Water Quality Management Project Regional, Burundi, Congo DR, Rwanda AfDB International Waters
10554 Transboundary cooperation for the conservation, sustainable development and integrated management of the Pantanal - Upper Paraguay River Basin Regional, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay IADB, UNEP International Waters
10209 Eldoret-Iten Water Fund for Tropical Water Tower Conservation Kenya IFAD Multi Focal Area
10371 Biodiversity Conservation, Restoration and Integrated Sustainable Development of Lower Mangoky and South-Mananara watersheds Madagascar FAO Multi Focal Area
10369 Strengthening the Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of Forest Landscapes in Turkey’s Kazdağlari Region Turkey FAO Multi Focal Area
10388 Biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management and enhanced water security in Lake Tanganyika basin Regional, Africa, Burundi, Congo DR, Tanzania, Zambia UNEP Multi Focal Area
10416 Sustainable Management of Drylands in Northern Togo Togo UNDP Multi Focal Area
10439 Conservation and Sustainable Management of High-Value Arid Ecosystems in the Lower Amu Darya Basin Tajikistan UNDP Multi Focal Area
10462 Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of Freshwater Ecosystems in the Western Dvina/Daugava Transboundary River Basin Belarus UNDP Multi Focal Area
10499 Lao PDR Landscapes and Livelihoods Project Lao PDR WB Multi Focal Area
10541 Sustainable management and restoration of the Dry Forest of the Northern Coast of Peru Peru FAO, IUCN Multi Focal Area
10538 Oasis Landscape Sustainable Management project Tunisia WB Multi Focal Area
10531 Integrated watershed management of the Putumayo-Içá river basin Regional, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru WB Multi Focal Area
10580 Integrated land management, restoration of degraded landscapes and natural capital assessment in the mountains of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea UNEP Multi Focal Area
10560 Fisheries and Ecosystem Based Management for the Blue Economy of the Mediterranean  - (FishEBM MED) Regional, Albania, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey FAO, UNEP Multi Focal Area
10532 Securing Long-Term Sustainability of Multi-functional Landscapes in Critical River Basins of the Philippines Philippines UNDP Multi Focal Area
10547 Reduce marine plastics and plastic pollution in Latin American and Caribbean cities through a circular economy approach Regional, Colombia, Jamaica, Panama UNEP Multi Focal Area
10537 Partnerships and Innovative Financing to Mainstream Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Management in the Wet and Intermediate Climatic Zones Sri Lanka UNDP Multi Focal Area
10539 Sustainable Forest and Forest Land Management in Viet Nam’s Ba River Basin Landscape Viet Nam UNDP Multi Focal Area
10546 "Plastik Sulit”: Accelerating Circular Economy for Difficult Plastics in Indonesia Indonesia ADB Multi Focal Area
10556 Strengthening ecological connectivity in the Dulombi-Boé Tchetche complex (DTB) Guinea-Bissau IUCN Multi Focal Area
10574 Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Rural Landscapes of Mexico Mexico CI Multi Focal Area
10562 Resilient and sustainable livelihoods for rural Yemen Yemen FAO Multi Focal Area
10504 Seventh Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Mexico Mexico UNDP Multi Focal Area
10510 Seventh Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in Indonesia Indonesia UNDP Multi Focal Area
10414 GEF SGP 7th Operational Phase – Core (Part 2) Global UNDP Multi Focal Area
10493 Preparation of India's Fourth National Communication (4NC) and Fourth Biennial Update Report (BUR4) to the UNFCCC and strengthening institutional and analytical capacities on climate change India UNDP Climate Change

* For multi-trust fund project, only the GEF Trust Fund component is presented in this Work Program. The LDCF components are presented separately in the LDCF/SCCF Work Program.