Projects Circulated for Council Review

ID  Title  Countries  Focal Areas  Agencies  Type  GEF Grant  Cofinancing  Status 
9514  Forest and Landscape Restoration Supporting Landscape and Livelihoods Resilience in the Central African Republic (CAR) Central African Republic  Multi Focal Area, Biodiversity, Land Degradation  Food and Agriculture Organization  Full-size Project  5,961,638  10,400,000  Received by GEF Secretariat
9682  Achieving Efficient and Green Freight Transport Development  China  Climate Change  The World Bank  Full-size Project  8,246,095  155,420,000  Concept Approved
9402  The Path to 2020 - Antigua and Barbuda Antigua And Barbuda  Biodiversity  United Nations Environment Programme  Full-size Project  2,729,153  5,500,000  Concept Approved 
9771  Global Best Practices on Emerging Chemical Policy Issues of Concern under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) Global  Chemicals and Waste  United Nations Environment Programme  Full-size Project  8,190,000  20,580,000  Concept Approved