GEF 17th Council Meeting

Working Documents

Working Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.17/01 Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/02 Annotated Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/03 Relations with Conventions PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/04 Initial Guidelines For Enabling Activities For The Stockholm Convention On Persistent Organic Pollutants PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/05 Options To Enhance Gef Support For The Implementation Of The United Nations Convention To Combat Desertification PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/06.Rev.01 Elements Of Strategic Collaboration And A Framework For Gef Action For Capacity Building For The Global Environment PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/07 Work Program PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/08 Project Performance Report 2000 PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/09 CEO Note On Gef Activities Related To The World Summit On Sustainable Development PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/10 Note On The Second Gef Assembly And Associated Meetings PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/11 GEF FY02 Corporate Budget PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/12 Mechanisms And Arrangements For Expediting Disbursement Of Funds For Small Projects PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/13 Criteria For The Expansion Of Opportunities For Executing Agencies PDF icon English

Information Documents

Information Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.17/Inf.01/Rev.02 Provisional List Of Documents PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.02 GEF Council Members, Alternates And Constituencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.03 Status Of Pledges To The Global Environment Facility Trust Fund PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.04 Biodiversity Program Study PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.05 Climate Change Program Study Synthesis Report PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.06 Program Study On International Waters PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.07 GEF Land Degradation Linkage Study PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.08 Fourth Progress Report On Actions To Implement The Recommendations Of The Study Of GEF Overall Performance And The Policy Recommendations For The Second Replenishment Period PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.09 Report On The Implementation Of The Second Study Of GEFs Overall Performance PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.10 Review Of GEF Support To National Focal Points And Council Members Representing Recipient Country Constituencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.11 The GEF Programmatic Approach: Current Understandings PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.12 Progress Report on the Project Management Infomation System PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.13 Financing Of Activities To Address Ozone Layer Depletion PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.14 GEF Pipeline 7 PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.15 Making Sustainable Commitments: An Environment Strategy For The World Bank PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.15/Annex Regional Strategies Annex A PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.16 Report To The GEF Council On Progress Made In Implementing The GEF Small Grants Programme In Year 2 Of The Second Operational Phase PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.17 Report Of The Eighth Meeting Of The Scientific And Technical Advisory Panel II (STAP II) PDF icon English
GEF/C.17/Inf.18 Statement By Prof. Madhav Gadgil, STAP Chairman, To The GEF Council Meeting, May 9-11, 2001 PDF icon English
May 9, 2001 to May 11, 2001