GEF 21st Council Meeting

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Joint Summary

Joint Summary
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.21/JointSummary Joint Summary of the Chairs C.21 PDF icon English

Working Documents

Working Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.21/01 Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/02 Annotated Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/03 Letter of recommendation from the Heads of the three GEF Implementing Agencies on the Appointment of the CEO PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/04 Relations with Conventions PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/05 Operation Of The LDC Trust Fund For Climate Change PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/06 Draft Operational Program On Sustainable Land Management PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/07 Work Program PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/08 A Framework For Programming Resources For Enhanced Performance And Results At The Country Level PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/09 GEF Business Plan FY04-06 PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/10 A Proposal for a Revised Fee Structure PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/11 Corporate Budget FY04 Corrigendum PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/12 Terms of Reference for an independent Monitoring and Evaluation Unit PDF icon English

Information Documents

Information Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.21/Inf.01 Provisional List of Documents PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.02 GEF Council Members, Alternates and Constituencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.03 Trustee Report On The Financial Status And Management Of The GEF Trust Fund PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.04 Action Plan to respond to the Recommendations of the Second GEF Assembly, the Policy Recommendations of the Third Replenishment, the Second Overall Performance Study of the GEF, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.05 Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the GEF entities PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.06 GEF Project Performance Report 2002 PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.07 GEF Secretariat Managed Project Review 2002 PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.08 Review of GEF´s Engagement with the Private Sector - Interim Report PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.09 Issues and Options for Engaging the Private Sector PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.10 A Proposed GEF Approach to Adaptation to Climate Change PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.11 GEF Strategic Planning: Directions and Targets PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.12 GEF Support to National Focal Points and Council Members Representing Recipient Country Constituencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.13 Review of Financial Arrangements in GEF-Supported Biodiversity Projects PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.14 Executive Summaries of Projects in the May 2003 Proposed Work Program PDF icon c21_inf.14.pdf
GEF/C.21/Inf.15 Report of the first meeting of STAP III PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.16 Report of the second meeting of STAP III PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.17 Annual review of the STAP Roster of Experts, FY02 PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/Inf.18 Statement by Julia Carabias STAP Chair STAP Chair May 14-16, 2003 PDF icon English

Conference Room Documents

Conference Room Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.21/CRP/02 GEF/UNDP Fuel-Cell Bus Programme: Update PDF icon English

Miscellaneous Papers

Miscellaneous Papers
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.21/LIST Participants List PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/MISC/1 Letter from IAs PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/MISC/2 Draft Operational Program 0306-03 PDF icon English
GEF/C.21/MISC/NOTE Note on logistics PDF icon Spanish
GEF/C.21/MISC/UNFCCC Relations with Conventions UNFCCC PDF icon English
May 14, 2003 to May 16, 2003