GEF 54th Council Meeting

Joint Summary
Number Title Document Summary Documents
Joint Summary of the Chairs PDF icon English
Highlights PDF icon English
Working Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.54/01 Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/02 Annotated Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/03/Rev.01 Updating the System for Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR) PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/04/Rev.01 Country Support Program Implementation Arrangements for GEF-7 PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/05/Rev.01 GEF Small Grants Programme: Implementation Arrangements for GEF-7 PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/06 GEF Gender Implementation Strategy PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/07 Strengthening Consultations with Civil Society: Proposed Topic for Discussion at the Consultations of the 55th GEF Council Meeting PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/08 Strengthening the GEF Partnership PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/09/Rev.01 Identification of Issues Related to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/10/Rev.01 Updated Co-Financing Policy PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/11/Rev.02 Updated Results Architecture for GEF-7 PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/12 Membership of the Ethics Committee PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/13/Rev.01 Private Sector Advisory Group Terms of Reference PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/14 Work Program PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/15 Relations with the Conventions and Other International Institutions PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/16 Memorandum of Understanding between the CoP to the UNCCD and the Council of the GEF PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/17 Terms of Reference and Membership of the Working Group on Governance PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/18 GEF Business Plan and Corporate Budget for FY19 PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/19/Rev.03 Summary of the Negotiations of the Seventh Replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund PDF icon English, PDF icon Annex C - Corrigendum
Information Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.54/Inf.01 Provisional List of Documents PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.02 GEF Council Members, Alternates, and Constituencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.03 GEF-6 Corporate Scorecard PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.04 Progress Report on the Gender Equality Action Plan PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.05 Guidance to Advance Gender Equality in GEF Projects and Programs PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.06 Progress Report on the Development of the New GEF Portal PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.08 Progress Report on the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency PDF icon English
GEF/C.54/Inf.09 GEF Trust Fund Financial Report PDF icon English
IEO Working Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/ME/C.54/01 Semi-Annual Evaluation Report of the Independent Evaluation Office: June 2018 PDF icon English
IEO Information Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/ME/C.54/Inf.01 Ecological Forecasting Using Geospatial Analysis: Example from Kenya PDF icon English
GEF/ME/C.54/Inf.02 Annual Performance Report 2017 PDF icon English
GEF/ME/C.54/Inf.03 Management Action Record 2017 PDF icon English
STAP Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/STAP/C.54/Inf.01 Report of the Chairperson of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel PDF icon English
GEF/STAP/C.54/Inf.02 Managing Knowledge for a Sustainable Future PDF icon English
GEF/STAP/C.54/Inf.03 Integration: to Solve Complex Environmental Problems PDF icon English
GEF/STAP/C.54/Inf.04 A Future Food System for Healthy Human Beings and a Healthy Planet PDF icon English
GEF/STAP/C.54/Inf.05 Plastics and the Circular Economy PDF icon English
GEF/STAP/C.54/Inf.06 Environmental Security: Dimensions and Priorities PDF icon English
June 24, 2018 to June 26, 2018