Checklist for Land Degradation Neutrality Transformative Projects and Programmes (DRAFT)

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September 17, 2018

The checklist is a tool prepared to help country-level project developers and their technical and financial partners to design effective Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Transformative Projects and Programmes (TPP). Use of the checklist is optional, not prescriptive, however provides guidance for LDN projects development in GEF-7.

The checklist provides a pragmatic and scientifically grounded guide that encourages innovation. It aims to ensure consistency and completeness in the implementation of LDN, and to lead to a positive transformation. It also ensures that the fundamental features of LDN are given full consideration and will be refined through feedback during field testing. The checklist is intended to be a living document that evolves based on lessons learned through its use.

The checklist has been developed by the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD in collaboration with the UNCCD secretariat and in consultation with the GEF. Experts serving on the Science-Policy Interface (SPI) of the UNCCD have conducted a scientific review of the checklist.