Colombia GEF National Dialogue

July 16, 2008 to July 18, 2008



The Colombia GEF Dialogue was held in Anapoima over the course of three days, bringing together a diverse group of GEF stakeholders from the Ministry of Environment, Housing, and Territorial Development, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, other sector ministries, local and regional government, NGOs, academic and research institutions, private sector, donor agencies, GEF project representatives, and the GEF Secretariat and Agencies. For more information please see the Draft List of Participants.

Dialogue objectives included:

  • Enhance knowledge of GEF policies, procedures, and strategic priorities, facilitating their link with national environmental and sustainable development plans and priorities related to the international environmental conventions.
  • Strengthen national coordination and share lessons learned about the development and implementation of GEF projects in Colombia.
  • Foster opportunities for GEF support taking into account national priorities and the GEF focal areas.

For more information, please see the Agenda.

The planning and organization of the Dialogue served to further consolidate the coordination of GEF actitivities in Colombia.  During the Dialogue, participants discussed national priorities related to convention commitments, case studies and lessons learned from Colombia's GEF project portfolio, and current and future opportunities in the GEF focal areas.  For a fuller discussion, please see the report of the Colombia GEF National Dialogue.