Consultations on Draft Guidelines to Implement GEF Policy on Stakeholder Engagement

June 24, 2018

Ongoing Consultations

Consultations and invitation for Comments - Draft Guidelines to Implement the GEF Policy on Stakeholder Engagement

At its 53rd Session in November 2017, the GEF Council approved an updated GEF Policy on Stakeholder Engagement.  As set out in paragraph 22 of the Policy, the Secretariat, in consultation with Agencies, civil society, and other relevant stakeholders, is working to develop Guidelines to Implement the Policy. A draft of these Guidelines is here.

The Secretariat is inviting comments and inputs on these draft Guidelines.  Please send these to Ms. Seo-Jeong Yoon (syoon@thegef.org) by Monday, July 16, 2018.    

The Secretariat also is convening a consultation on this draft during the course of the upcoming meetings of the GEF Council and Assembly in Da Nang, Viet Nam at the end of June 2018.  The consultation will take place at the Furama Convention Center in Da Nang on Sunday, June 24, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm.  It is open to all persons who register to attend the Sixth GEF Assembly and Associated Meetings.