GEF-7 Replenishment: 1st Meeting

March 28, 2017 to March 30, 2017

The GEF-7 Replenishment 1st meeting took place in Paris during March 2017


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At its 51st meeting in October 2016, the GEF Council requested the Trustee, in cooperation with the Secretariat, to initiate discussions on the seventh replenishment of resources of the GEF Trust Fund (GEF-7).

The replenishment meetings provide an opportunity for Contributing Participants to review GEF performance and evaluate progress, assess future funding needs, and agree on a financing framework.

The first official meeting of the 7th Replenishment of the GEF was held in Paris on March 28-30, 2017. Documents and information about the GEF-7 replenishment are posted on this website.


Invited participants are existing and potential Contributing Participants, four representatives from non-donor recipient countries representing Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean, two NGO/CSO representatives each representing a donor country-based NGO/CSO and another representing a recipient country, two representatives of the private sector, and representatives of GEF Agencies and the conventions for which the GEF serves as a financial mechanism.

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