DateJanuary 10-12, 2023
Bali, Indonesia

The Asia and Pacific Regional IP Workshop took place in Bali, Indonesia from January 10-13, 2023.

The workshop brought together the GEF Secretariat and invited partners for an overview of the GEF-8 Programing Directions on integrated programs (IPs), focal areas, and global programs, and hands-on sessions with a specific focus on the IPs and the country Expression of Interest process. There were additional discussions on knowledge sharing (learning stations), lessons from previous GEF integrated approach investments, and private sector engagement.

A Pacific day was held on January 13 alongside the workshop to provide targeted support and working sessions on selected IPs and topics of interest to the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The agenda included a deep-dive of the Blue and Green Islands IP and SIDS-specific guidance on other IPs of interest.

Country Factsheets

Factsheets are available for 31 countries, with details on GEF-8 allocations and commitments, GEF-7 portfolio progress, and the portfolio of ongoing projects.