Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The GEF-8 Europe and Central Asia-Middle East Regional Workshop took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina from December 6-9, 2022.

The event was part of a series of workshops to give countries an overview of the GEF-8 programming strategies, with a particular focus on the GEF-8 Integrated Programs (IPs) and how they will be rolled out. Discussions also centered on focal areas and global programs, as well as the country Expression of Interest process.

Specific breakout groups allowed for more in-depth discussions on the different IPs, as well as regional challenges and opportunities.

A field trip was organized on the last day to Orlovaca Cave in Republica Srpska to the GEF-6 project "Achieving biodiversity conservation through the establishment and efficient management of protected areas and capacity building for nature conservation in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

A virtual follow-up workshop was delivered on January 10, 2023. Download the two presentations from that event here: