GEF ECW Bahamas

May 5, 2015 to May 7, 2015




GEF workshops aim at keeping the GEF national focal points, convention focal points and other key stakeholders, including civil society, abreast of GEF strategies, policies and procedures and to encourage coordination. 


These events are an opportunity for focal points to meet with their counterparts from other countries in the region and other GEF partners to discuss and review policies and procedures and to share lessons and experiences from development and implementation of GEF projects and their integration within national policy frameworks. 


The workshop will also facilitate trans-boundary collaboration; discuss regional programming; address integrated approaches; and other issues based on thematic and geographic area.


Monday May 4


9am-6pm/ Civil Society Organizations - Room Little Harbour Cay


1pm-2pm/ Lunch - Pavilion


1pm-6pm/ CBD-GEF Session- Great Harbour Cay


Tuesday May 5


9am-6pm/ Expanded Constituency Workshop - Portobello


Wednesday May 6


9am-6pm/ Expanded Constituency Workshop - Portobello

Thursday May 7

08:30am-11am/ Policy for Resilience and Nature Financing - Portobello

1pm-5pm/ Field trip/ Lucayan National Park