GEF ECW Nicaragua

March 3, 2015 to March 5, 2015




GEF workshops aim at keeping the GEF national focal points, convention focal points and other key stakeholders, including civil society, abreast of GEF strategies, policies and procedures and to encourage coordination. 

These events are an opportunity for focal points to meet with their counterparts from other countries in the region and other GEF partners to discuss and review policies and procedures and to share lessons and experiences from development and implementation of GEF projects and their integration within national policy frameworks. 

The workshop will also facilitate trans-boundary collaboration; discuss regional programming; address
integrated approaches; and other issues based on thematic and geographic area.


Monday March 2 Room
Meeting of the Civil Society Organization  Jacaranda I
CBD Half Day Workshop Roble 5


Tuesday March 3  Room
ECW Roble 2
Wednesday March 4  
ECW Roble 2


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 Logistics Note


Nota Logistica


 ECW Agenda




English Español

What is GEF? 


Que es el FMAM?




GEF 2020


Project Cycle ,Accessing GEF and STAR


El acceso al FMAM, el ciclo de proyectos y SATR


GEF 6 Fee, Cancellation, Cofinancing and Gender equality action plan


Politicas del FMAM-6 Cuotas, Cancelacion, Cofinanciamiento, Genero


GEF 6 Biodiversity, Land degradation, Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters


GEF Programs I, Biodiversity, Land Degradation, Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters




GEF Programs II, Climate change, LDCF/SCCF, Chemicals and Waste 


Integrated Approaches


Programas piloto de enfoque integrado


Capacity Development


Estrategia del FMAM-6 para el desarrollo de capacidades transversal


Case Study Intro 


Estudios de casos


GEF-Independent Evaluation Office


Oficina de Evaluacion Independiente (OEI)


 Private Sector Engagement


Ampliar la participacion del sector privado en los proyectos del FMAM


Country Support Programme and GEF Small Grants Programme


Programa de Apoyo a los Paises y Programa de Pequenas Donaciones


Public Guidelines


Orientaciones para la implementacion de la Politica de Participacion Publica


Biodiversity Strategy


Estrategia de Biodiversidad


Site visit presentations:


Presentacion Jinotega Matriz Energia Renovable Mario Torres