Global Development Marketplace 2008

September 24, 2008 to September 28, 2008

Global Development Marketplace 2008

One hundred finalists from 42 countries are in Washington DC to present their innovative projects and competing for small grants for projects on sustainable agriculture for development.


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The GEF, jointly with the  International Finance Corporation, and other partners,  is supporting the Global Development Marketplace (DM2008), a grant competition organized by the World Bank, that this year focus on “Sustainable Agriculture for Development”.

The marketplace is seeking innovations in three sub-themes: (i) linking small-scale farmers to input-output markets; (ii)  improving land access and tenure for the poor; and (iii)  promoting the environmental services of agriculture in addressing climate change and biodiversity conservation. The competition offers a unique opportunity to turn an innovative idea for sustainable agriculture into reality. If selected, an idea can receive up to US$200,000 in grant funding for implementation over two years.

"For us at the Global Environment Facility, we consider the Development Marketplace an ideal opportunity to reward innovative ideas that have the potential to make a difference for sustainable development. In these projects, there is an overarching trend of blending agricultural aspects with climate change and biodiversity. The Global Environment Facility's mission is to deal with the cost of incorporating global environmental benefits in sustainable economic development. 60% of the world’s 24 main ecosystem services are being severely degraded –this means that we are in danger of not being able to meet growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel. Preventing biodiversity loss while remembering our moral obligation to prevent food and water shortages will require significant changes in policies, and more resources than are currently available. Given the enormity of the need and the constraints on funding, we, as well as our partners of the international development community, need to open our coffers for smart and well targeted investments to improve the lives of the world's most vulnerable societies. It's satisfying to see that our support for the Development Marketplace enables the winners of this year's global competition to become part of that joint effort". Monique Barbut, GEF CEO and Chairperson


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The DM2008 Marketplace Event

On June 23, 2008, 100 finalists were announced and invited to World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C. in September 24-26 to vie for grants at theDM2008 Marketplace event. At the close of the Marketplace, 20 or more projects will be named winners. 

At the Marketplace, finalists will present their ideas to a high-profile jury comprised of international development experts. They will also participate in a series of knowledge exchange sessions and workshops aimed at strengthening their capacity to carry out their proposed project idea.

The event is open to the public. Please note that all visitors must register online before September 16, 2008.

Competition Guidelines

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