India GEF National Dialogue

October 30, 2007 to November 1, 2007

The Dialogue in India took place over 3 days and involved 80 participants representing Central and State Government institutions, non-government organizations, research organizations, international agencies and donors, and SGP coordinators from other South Asian countries.


  •  The main objectives of the dialogue were to:

  • Familiarize participants with the revised GEF operational procedures and thematic priorities 
  • Share experiences in project design, implementation and impacts from GEF in India, including SGP Share experiences on GEF project implementation in India and devise an effective monitoring system
  • Introduce and refine India's GEF programmatic approach and priorities including a detailed discussion on the projects being developed by India in the period 2007-2010

    The outputs of the dialogue were:

  • Generating greater understanding about GEF's operational procedures and thematic priorities with respect to India's national policy framework
  • Discussion of the lessons and experience generated from India's GEF portfolio including the SGP, and consideration of ways to secure and sustain portfolio results
  • Refinement of and agreement on India's GEF programmatic approach in the context of national sustainable development plans and processes and agreement on concrete, next steps for developing and implementing projects in the climate change, biodiversity, land degradation and POPs focal areas

View and download India's Dialogue Agenda, List of Participants, and Report.  View outputs of working group sessions on India’s programmatic approach in biodiversity, climate change and persistent organic pollutants.