Iran GEF National dialogue

April 30, 2007 to May 1, 2007



Iran's Dialogue took place over 2 days and was attended by 133 participants including members of Parliament, government, NGOs, CBOs, research and academic institutions, private sector, donors, GEF Secretariat and GEF Agencies. The Dialogue was followed by a special one-day expert meeting designed to focus in-depth on GEF portfolio and pipeline issues and lessons.

The dialogue had the following objectives:

  • To update knowledge about GEF strategic objectives, policies and procedures 
  • To share experiences generated and lessons learnt in the implementation of GEF projects and in response to global environmental conventions
  • To present and discuss Iran's priorities in GEF 4 with national stakeholders and strengthen linkages with national environment and development programmes
  • To strengthen national coordination and outreach of GEF activities 
    Iran's GEF Dialogue resulted in the following key outputs:
  • It facilitated stakeholder discussions on Iran's national priorities for GEF 4 and resulted in a decision to refine and refocus priorities through continued focal area consultations
  • Coordination mechanisms on key environmental themes in the country were reviewed, and challenges and suggested actions identified to strengthen coordination between relevant agencies
  • Lessons from project experiences were shared with follow-up actions identified to improve implementation efficiency of the portfolio and sharing of lessons and best practice among projects  
  • The role of local communities and NGOs in environmental management was recognized in the context of the SGP and a commitment made to upscale local results and strengthen the role of local communities and civil society in collaboration with government.

    View and download Iran's Dialogue Agenda and Summary report