Mozambique GEF National Dialogue

May 9, 2007 to May 11, 2007



This three day Dialogue involved 80 participants representing government, NGOs, CBOs, research and academic institutions, private sector, donors, GEF Secretariat, and GEF Agencies. The Dialogue commenced with a field visit to a GEF project and continued with 2 days of consultations.

The Dialogue promoted a concern for participation of community and public participation. Participants, especially provincial government authorities and university, NGO, and private sector representatives, were interested in the connection between local and global benefits, and how engagement with the GEF could further environmental education, decentralized but coordinated decision-making, and sustainable development in the context of the One UN process.

Mozambique's GEF Dialogue resulted in the following key outputs:

  • It resulted in the identification of new priority issues not previously identified within the biodiversity, climate change and international waters areas 
  • It produced a new commitment to create a committee to link GEF issues with the country's participation in the global environmental conventions, and to support the review, development and endorsement of GEF project ideas
  • A Dialogue Summary report and Action Plan was produced and approved by participants prior to the closure of the meeting, and participants expressed a desire to participate in specific follow-up actions.

    View and download Mozambique's Dialogue Report (in English or Portugese) and Agenda