United Nations Headquarters, New York City
The Ocean Conference
The Ocean Conference

Covering over 70% of the planet, our oceans have tremendous economic, social and ecological value. They provide over US$1 trillion annually to the world economy in market goods and services and many times that in non-market amenities. Services provided by marine ecosystems include food security, tourism opportunities, carbon sequestration and coastal protection. Yet, our oceans are under threat from unsustainable practices, including over-fishing, land-based sources of pollution, habitat destruction and climate change.

Recognizing the critical need for global action to ensure the sustainability of our oceans, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has provided tremendous support to ocean governance. Since its establishment over 24 years ago, the GEF, the largest investor in transboundary water cooperation, has financed over US$1.5B in grants to over 170 states. 

The high-level United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development (The Ocean Conference) will be convened at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 5 to 9 June 2017, coinciding with World Oceans Day, to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14. The Governments of Fiji and Sweden have the co-hosting responsibilities of the Conference. The Conference aims to be the game changer that will reverse the decline in the health of our ocean for people, planet and prosperity. It will be solutions-focused with engagement from all.




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