Seychelles GEF National Dialogue

June 21, 2007 to June 22, 2007


The GEF National Dialogue in the Seychelles was a one and a half day event. It convened 41 participants, including high level participation by government ministers and members of the diplomatic corps, as well as environmental NGOs, private sector, media, and members of the Environmental Management Policy of Seychelles (EMPS).
The main objectives of the dialogue were to :

  • Explain new policies and procedures under the GEF 
  • Discuss how GEF strategies will be coordinated in national implementation 
  • Identify the way forward with admission to the Small Grants Programme   
     The outputs of the dialogue were:
  • Discussion about GEF directions and policies and their relevance to Seychelles and its national environmental priorities  
  • Informing stakeholders about national GEF coordination activities and portfolio implementation measures taken in the country
  • Identification and further defining of national priorities for GEF 4 and key areas and modalities for action