Sub-Regional Workshop for GEF Focal Points in Europe and CIS

February 11, 2009 to February 13, 2009



The Sub-Regional Workshop for GEF Focal Points for ECIS was organized by the CSP in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 11-13 February 2009. The Workshop was attended by 24 Focal Point participants representing 16 countries. Representatives of the GEF Secretariat, GEF Agencies, and the CSP also participated in the Workshop.

Workshop Session: Introduction and Overview

Workshop Session: Update on Funding under the RAF, Adaptation Funds, and Co-financing Strategies

Workshop Session: Global Environment Challenges: Programmes and issues in the sub-region

  • Leveraging National Communications to integrate climate policy into development plans in the ECIS (English / Russian)
  • Croatia: Second National Communications to the UNFCCC (English)
  • Albania: Second National Communications to the UNFCCC (English / Russian)
  • Kazakhstan's Biodiversity Portfolio (English / Russian)
  • Russia's Biodiversity Portfolio (English)
  • UNEP Mediterranean Project (English)

Workshop Session: What constitutes a successful project? Review of experience from the Region

  • Romania: Biodiversity, Maramures Wetlands (English / Russian)
  • Slovak Republic: Climate change - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through the use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia (English / Russian)

Workshop Session: Field Visit to a GEF project site

  • GEF Neretva Trebisnjica project: International Waters (English / Russian)
  • GEF Neretva Trebisnjica project presentation (English)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Neretva & Trebisnjica Management Project (English)
  • Dalmatian COAST project fact sheet (English / Russian)
  • Water Framework Directive (English)
  • UNDP: A climate for change (English)

Workshop Session: Tools and resources available to support Focal Points


Photo by Peter Jany,Slovakia