Sub-Regional Workshop for GEF Focal Points in North Africa, Middle East, South & West Asia

December 2, 2007 to December 3, 2007

A Sub-Regional Workshop for GEF Focal Points from North Africa, Middle
East, South & West Asia, organized by the CSP, was held in Bali, Indonesia on 2-3 December.  Twenty-three participants representing 14 countries attended the workshop.  Representatives of the GEF Secretariat, GEF Agencies, and the CSP also attended.

Workshop Session: GEF CEO Presentation and Dialogue 

  • GEF CEO Statement: The New GEF: An Effective Partner Today for Tomorrow's Global Environment Solutions (English / French / Arabic)

Workshop Session: Update on GEF Policies and Procedures

  • GEFSec Update: GEF Policies and Processes in GEF 4 (English / French)

Workshop Session: GEF Focal Points input to the RAF Mid-Term Review

Workshop Session: Integrating GEF in the Environment and Sustainable Development Plans and Policies

  • Pakistan: National experiences on integrating GEF in environment and development plans and policies (English / French)
  • Perspectives from agencies/donors on programming and consultation processes integrating environment and development: The World Bank's experience in Country Environmental Analysis (CEA) (English / French / Arabic)
  • Algeria's experience in the context of national plans and in the framework of NEPAD

Workshop Session:  Enhancing National GEF Coordination and Setting Priorities

  • CSP Overview of country experiences in GEF coordination (English / French / Arabic)
  • Country case studies:

          -  Iran:  National GEF coordination mechanism (English / French/ Arabic)
          -  Egypt: National GEF coordination with global environment conventions:
             the experience of North Africa (English / French / Arabic)
          -  India: Developing national GEF strategies and setting priorities (English only)

Workshop Session:  Tracking portfolio results and Supporting Focal Point roles and activities

Photo by CSP